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William Lin - Contestant No. 5, first Hawker candidate in Beam Search history

In all the years of the Beam Search, this is the first time they had a hawker in the finals.

William was born in a poor village in China, spending the first 15 years of his life there. Fishing and farming were mainstays of his childhood memories. People there worked hard for their living. So when he first came to Singapore, he appreciated everything which Singaporeans seem to take for granted. From then he told himself to be a valuable person to society.

William is a hawker selling fishball noodles at Redhill. Working in the office was comfortable. However, in his previous job, he felt bad that his elderly parents were working so hard in the heat of the hawker stall. So he decided to quit his job and work as a hawker to share their work with them.

A bodybuilder says carving muscles is tough, and a hawker says long working hours are tiring. However, both bodybuilding and working as a hawker are just part of his daily life.

He has a dream to become a big media personality one day and he believes that only when he practices everyday can he get closer to achieving his dream. Although he is working in what he believes is one of the dirtiest and most tiring jobs everyday, it is his dream that keeps him moving forward. The most challenging part of his life now is “exhaustion”. Imagine a 12- hour working day every day with no off day. At the same time he still exercises 6-7 times per week, in order to keep his body in good shape.

He believes that in order to inspire more people, he needs a platform. He appreciates the stage provided by Mr. World Singapore

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