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Vote Kumar, before she goes off again.

KUMAR, the one true Queen of Singapore, has awoken from a deep slumber. Asleep for the past 2 years, KUMAR has been stirred by the rising rumbles and grumbles of the people.

Beholden with no choice, the Queen has to act, and standup for the nation once again! Running and standing under the banner of the Singapore Non-Stop Action Party (SNAP), your candidate KUMAR has one finger on the pulse of the Nation, and another up the Establishment.

There is no Cooling Off Day as the Republic’s most popular Queen keeps it as hot as an outdoor rally. Whether you’re conservative, progressive, left leaning, right leaning or horizontal, Kumar’s a one-man GRC who represents every Tom, Dick (but maybe not Harry), regardless of race, religion and political affiliation.

Do watch KUMAR get Off... Off-white, Off-shoulder, Off-beat (but not Off- tangent!), and definitely Off-the-record! There is only one way to find out why KUMAR is the best woMAN for the job, and that is if you attend and make your vote count...


Selena Tan and Benjamin “Mr Miyagi” Lee

Cast: Kumar


8 April to 18 April 2020

Esplanade Theatre

Show Duration: Approximately 110 minutes (inclusive of 20 min intermission)

Tuesdays to Saturdays: 8pm Saturdays: 3pm

Preview Tickets (8 and 9 April 2020): S$125 (VIP), S$105, S$95, S$85, S$65, S$55, S$50, S$45, S$20

Standard Tickets (Tue – Thu 8pm): S$155 (VIP), S$135, S$125, S$95, S$75, S$65, S$60, S$55, S$25

Weekend Tickets (Fri - Sat 8pm; Sat 3pm): S$165 (VIP), S$145, S$135, S$105, S$85, S$75, S$70, S$65, S$35

Receive a complimentary drink for every VIP ticket purchased. Prices exclusive of SISTIC booking fees.

Tickets can be purchased from or via SISTIC’s Hotline at 6348 5555

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