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Veteran Actor Zhu Hou Ren's Son Announces Departure from Mediacorp

Updated: May 31, 2021

Just last night, veteran actor Choo Hou Ren’s son Joel Choo had announced his departure from Mediacorp via Instagram.

Photo: 8 DAYS

In the 27 year old’s post, he attributed his departure to a “new journey ahead”, presumably a career shift as he had mentioned that he would still be pursuing acting and music in time to come.

Joel Choo has appeared in Mediacorp productions, C.L.I.F 5 and Titoudao, and was on his way to stardom, having been nominated for the highly coveted Top 10 Most Popular Artiste in the 26th Star Awards ceremony earlier this year.

The 27 year old is also involved in making music with his indie band Maxime with his polytechnic friends.

Albeit his promising career with Mediacorp, the 27 year old abruptly announced his departure from the broadcasting station on 2 May 2021.

“I've got a new journey ahead of me but acting and music will definitely be something I will continue to pursue for a long time to come.”

The 27 year old’s announcement was unexpected to the public, and took many of his fellow celebrity colleagues by surprise, leaving a flurry of well wishes and blessings on his Instagram comment section.

While he announced his departure on a cheerful note, many of his colleagues and friends expressed their sadness at him leaving Mediacorp.

While actor Teoh Ze Tong expresses his grief about Choo’s departure and not being able to make memes together, referencing the duo’s humorous videos on Tik Tok, Choo assures him that nothing will change and that the two of them can still make memes together.

Regardless of the comments lamenting his departure and well-wishing Choo, both Choo and his father seem optimistic for Choo’s future endeavours.

In an Instagram story, 66 year old veteran Mediacorp actor Zhu Hou Ren expresses support for his son’s departure.

‘Young people only need to know two things if they want to succeed - know the person you need and know what he needs.”

He followed with a quote from the Bible, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”

Zhu didn’t seem fazed that his son seemed to be forsaking a promising career with a seemingly bright future, instead supporting his son and encouraging his journey with a touching post.

The 66 year old seemed extra confident in his son’s decision to leave Mediacorp as well, quoting Mediacorp drama My Star Bride.

“When children grow up, they’re just like kites, the higher they fly, the higher they go. When they turn back to look at us, we appear smaller to them. We might be able to accompany them for a while, but the ones who accompany them their whole lives are their friends and their partners. As parents, we have to know when to let go.”

In the touching final line of his post, Zhu said, “Dad just wants to be a sensible old man.”

Zhu acknowledges that his son has grown up and is on his way to do bigger and better things, and not appearing to feel sad or wistful in any way for his son.

While Choo may not have announced what lies ahead in his future, many fans, friends and colleagues anticipate his future projects and continue to provide unwavering support for the 26 year old.

Article written by Michelle Ang


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