• Dennis Toh

Top 5 fitness gadgets for the active Singaporean

For many, exercise is a form of relaxation and many of us look forward to it after a long day at work or a stressful meeting. It may be quite irritating when little things get in the way of our enjoyment, such as a sudden muscle injury or having your phone fall out of your pocket while you’re taking a jog. If you can relate to any of these, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 fitness gadgets that can help enhance your workout, and allow your fitness experiences to be much more convenient and enjoyable.

1. Freetrain V1 Vest

Photo Credit: Freetrain

Don’t you hate running with your phone on you? It’s even more annoying when the phone is constantly dropping out of your pockets. With the Freetrain V1 Vest, you can finally jog or train without feeling your phone on your person. Freetrain’s V1 is a streamlined, breathable running vest with a front pocket that allows you to bring along your essentials and even check your phone while exercising. At just $35++, you can finally say hello to more convenient exercise.

2. Smart Tools Smart Cuffs

Photo Credit: SmartTools

An emerging new fitness trend is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training – a strategy that safely restricts venous blood flow from a working muscle, while allowing arterial blood flow. It is said to help promote muscle growth, build strength, and minimise the loss of muscle mass without putting stress on your joints. One way to do BFR is by using Smart Tools Smart Cuffs, a personalised blood flow restriction pump which is safe to wear and equipped with built-in safety mechanisms. Starting at $350, the cuffs also come with a travel case and hand gauge.

3. NURVV Run

Photo Credit: NURVV

Running can be stressful on the body, but having poor form can make it worse. If you’ve always had bad posture, the NURVV Run system may be the solution to your problems. The NURVV Run system is a running shoe insert that helps to analyse your running style while giving feedback on how you can improve your exercise. This gadget is also good for beginner-runners who are more prone to injury and have poorer running techniques. With NURVV Run, you can be guaranteed to get the most out of your exercise, regardless of your skill level.

4. Coros Biking Helmet

Photo Credit: Coros

Forget earphones and wireless earbuds – why not get a smart helmet instead? This cool smart helmet from Corus is more than a protection gear - it also has built-in headphones and can detect when you’re in harm’s way. If the helmet detects a serious collision, it will immediately send out a text message to alert your loved ones and emergency services about a possible accident. Now that’s very smart!

5. Finis Duo Underwater mp3 player

Photo Credit: Finis

MP3 players are so yesterday, but the Finish Duo Underwater MP3 player is nothing less than a technological wonder! Unlike regular underwater headphones that fit in the ear, the Finis Duo mp3 player are “audio modules” that rest on your temples just above the ears. This way, you don’t have to worry about your earphones dropping out! For a better experience, you can even use earplugs to block out the sound of water and focus on the music and workout instead.



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