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The Nas Company Launches 'Nas Studios' to 'Kill' Boring Videos

With a mission to kill boring videos, Nas Studios is officially launched to create high-impact original social media content for brands with Nas Daily's tried-and-true winning formula.

After producing 1,000 videos in 1,000 days, Nuseir 'Nas' Yassin, Founder & CEO of The Nas Company, has built a team of 19 with the expertise to help companies tell their story through a "people first, product second" philosophy.

The launch also marks The Nas Company's 1st anniversary in Singapore. In the past year, the company has already teamed up with brands like Facebook, Agoda and NICE to create original content that has amassed more than 160 million views total to date.

"We're lucky to have had so much support from our clients, but the numbers don't lie - our methods work!" said Yassin.

Storytelling is Nas Studios's forte and the numbers have proven that storytelling is key to engagement. Since 'Nas Daily' was launched, its videos have gained 4.5 billion views to date, and have successfully reached 4.5% of the world's population.

"Storytelling is vital for engaging the Facebook audience. We know this, our videos only do well if we put care and thought into how each story was being presented," added Agon Hare, Head of Video Production and personality behind Project Nightfall.

"With so much clutter and information on social media, we know that companies and brands want to stand out, and we can help them do just that. I believe we've mastered the Facebook algorithm, and brands can enjoy the same level of success, if not more," said Ashraf Azhar, Project Manager of The Nas Company.

Despite being headquartered in Singapore, the team boasts the ability to take on projects anywhere in the world. They have recently completed projects for companies in Israel, USA, Vietnam and are planning to have a global outreach.

The Nas Company local team is set to expand to 50 employees this year, with bigger plans to groom fresh video and voiceover talents across the globe, starting with Singapore.

"On-screen talent is hard to come by, we want to train the best and brightest talents to take their career to new heights. As we venture into bigger original productions like a new web series, podcast and even a talk show, we believe there's more room for fresh blood to front them," said Yassin.

As part of its growth strategy, the company is also launching its first ever 'The Nas Academy', a 4-week workshop aimed at sharing the best industry practices with budding videographers, scriptwriters, editors and content creators. A soft launch has garnered more than 1,000 sign ups over 2 days.

As The Nas Company is expanding, it is shifting its focus away from being a branded content hub centered around Yassin, but rather, bringing like-minded individuals together to produce impeccable content for brands and companies that want to shape the world that we live in.

’At the end of the day, it's really not about me, but the amazing team behind The Nas Company that makes it all worthwhile," Yassin concluded.

Image Credit: The Nas Company

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