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Tesalate Workout Towel: The New Fitness Essential

Tesalate sand-free beach towel is world-renowned over the years as a popular travel essential. Featured in multi-media platforms globally, the Australia-based brand has now expanded by introducing their Tesalate Workout Towel collection.

With the same bold and vibrant vibe that Tesalate sand-free beach towels are known for, the Tesalate Workout Towel is an antibacterial, odour-free towel that's also lightweight, fast-drying, and super absorbent.

With health and safety more important than ever, Tesalate needed to completely rethink the workout towel. Hence, they put all their fabric technology experience into creating the new Tesalate workout towel. With Tesalate's patent-pending technology, thoughtful design, and a lot of Aussie style, Tesalate Workout Towels will take your fitness journey to a whole new level.

The Tesalate Workout Towel is the answer to staying clean especially nowadays when pretty much everything is susceptible to virus. Infused with zinc acting as a natural antiseptic, have peace of mind that your towel is devoid of bacterial growth including algae, mold and mildew. Unlike other antimicrobial substances such as silver and copper, zinc-based additives are broad spectrum antimicrobials.

You can also say goodbye to damp and smelly towels because Tesalate Workout

Towel is likewise infused with self-cleaning agents. The anti-microbial technology protects the towel from dirt-buildup and contaminants that often causes bad odours. With the Tesalate Workout Towel, you stay stylish, smell fresh, clean and worry-free even after a hard workout.

Like their beach towels, the Tesalate Workout Towel is also a fast-drying fabric. It also has two distinctive sides. One side has their unique vibrant designs, while the other side has their signature black and white pattern. Now you can dedicate one side to putting on the floor or equipment and use the other side for wiping your face and body.

The Tesalate Workout Towel is also the perfect size at 100cm x 45cm. It is likewise lightweight and compact. When you’re done with your workout, it rolls up to a tiny size, so you can easily take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

Tesalate Workout towel retails for US$ 35. It's money well-spent considering its towel features. Check out the Tesalate towel collection exclusively available online at





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