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Taking the road less traveled with Nick Yang, Contestant No. 6

Nick Yang was born in a middle-class family. He has faced many obstacles in life and he managed to pull through thanks to a friend who brought him into the gym. Since young, Nick Yang doesn’t like to study and because of that, he is struggling through a lot of hardships. He always thought that one can become an entrepreneur even without a proper diploma or a degree. So he gave up his education and went to pursue the kind of life he wanted back then.

Slowly easing into society, he started to see the true side of reality and the importance of the piece of “paper”. So he went back to get his private education done and went back to society again. A few years later, a sudden change cost him almost everything he had. He suffered depression and started drinking everyday. He had even thought of giving up of his life, but thanks to a very good friend of his who brought him to the gym, everything changed.

Ever since then, he watched a lot of workout tutorials and motivational speeches online. So after that, he decided to start over a new life and transform all the bad behaviour into good. Working out has become one of his passions in life and it changed him totally. From a very negative person to one full of positivity, he decided to turn his passion into a career and to spread positive vibes to influence others that life can be tough at times, but we can make it better by setting our mindset right. Nick Yang has found his way of relieving stress and by working out. It helps him by shifting his focus and to refocus again on work easily.

Working out saved his life, changed his life, and by obtaining the kind of iron physique he wants for himself, he has become more confident in life too. But this is not enough for him, he pursues challenges because he believes it will craft him into a better person. And one will shine if he is being put into their rightful place.

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