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Sean Nicholas Sutiono, Contestant No. 8 hopes to break the mould

Sean is a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Accounting and Finance Graduate with an interest in digitalized technological advancement in the Banking and Financial Services sectors. He is currently a business consultant at a bank.

During Sean's university days and his accounting and finance internships, he picked up reading about and keeping himself abreast of global financial news, global affairs and new tech ventures starting up and how these global events relate to the changes in the markets. It has led him to make more impactful investing decisions both domestically and internationally within the markets and to learn from his past investing and portfolio management experiences.

His hobbies include cooking, gymming, watching movies, singing, acting, swimming and a little bit of video editing. He manages a YouTube channel “Sean Nicholas” where he shares personal vlogs on topics such as his travels around the world, and his fitness and gym workouts/routines.

In sports, Sean used to coach both taekwondo and tennis at several Singapore international schools and before heading to university abroad and he used to represent the Chinese Swimming Club for tennis sporting club competitions. He also used to sing, act and dance and had been casted for his first movie shooting experience in the 2015 Hollywood Film “Hitman-Agent 47” movie that was shot in Singapore on Robinson Rd and ever since then his interest in acting took root. His most memorable project so far would have to be for the watch brand (AriesGold) - a 2-day shoot against the backdrop of Singapore’s skyline at the iconic Marina Bay Sands, where the directors had him dressed in two dapper outfits, dancing, acting and modelling around the Marina Bay area.

He hopes to inspire others to go after what they truly want in life and to have the confidence to be comfortable in their own skin wherever they are at in life.

2020 - the infamous Covid year - was really tough but it taught Sean that life is short, and that we need to break the mould and to optimise every moment we have and live in the present.

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