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S9 Vince Yap gives 200% for Mr World Singapore 2021

The main reason Vince decided to join Mr. World Singapore 2021, is not because he thinks that he is the most muscular or the best. To him, winning or losing really is not his concern at all. This is because when he was a teenager, he was obese and short, and was frequently teased and bullied.

He told himself that he would surely make his dreams come true if he really wanted to, so in order for him to accomplish his goals and dreams, he would have to make the first step. That “first step” was very difficult for him, but he told himself that he wanted to jump out from the pyramid of his comfort zone and challenge myself.

From then his weight dropped from over 100 kg to 70 kg. Along the journey, when he saw that his hard work was paying off, he learned the values of dedication and persistence.

Vince believes that if anyone has dreams or goals, however large or small these may be or how long it is going to take, just don't give up, keep pushing and pushing yourself to the limit and never turn back, keep moving forward. In the end, if you give out 200%, at least you will get 100% of returns. Remember to enjoy and feel gratitude along your journey.

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