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S7 Jerald pushes for healthier choices in life

Jerald Morales is an experienced innovative Architect currently living and working in Singapore.

He was born and raised in Lubao Pampanga, one of the provinces in the Central part of the Philippines. Jerald, as the youngest of 3 siblings, grew up in a safe, disciplined and fun-filled environment with his family.

Nurtured with love and support, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Don Honorio Ventura State University with flying colors.

After receiving his education, Jerald interned in Don M Co Architects design group as a Junior architect. After he finished his internship, he worked in HBA Clark Philippines as an architectural designer for 3 years, then he flew to Singapore for his career enhancement and better opportunity for his line of work.

As his professional career progressed, Jerald showed himself to be a confident, passionate and creative thinker. He has already contributed and accomplished several projects, such as residential and commercial establishments. Because of his perseverance, he already has his own beautiful modern house that was designed and created by him.

Despite his hectic workload, he still manages to take care of himself. Eating healthy and balancing his lifestyle and work, he will go to the gym after office hours, to maintain his healthy and fit body. He inspires a lot of his fellow colleagues to do the same and reminds them that the body needs to be physically active and taken care of especially in their line of work.

During his spare time, he loves to do water-based recreational activities such as boating, dragon boat racing and kayaking.

He also loves to travel to different places to explore creative ways to enhance his architectural craft.

Throughout this experience, Jerald wants to impact and motivate all generations including young and old to make healthier choices. No matter how busy people are, at home, in their work or studies, they still can enjoy, maintain good health and improve the overall quality of life through physical activities.

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