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S6 Aaron Tan hopes to share the power of giving

Aaron, born and bred in Malaysia in a little village of Penang, had dropped out from school at the age of 14. He went to work in a hair salon as an apprentice with low wages when he was 16 years old. With little financial support, he could not afford proper meals.

In 2017, he fell from a height of four stories and fell into a coma. Right after he woke up from his coma he realized his leg couldn’t work like they used to before because of his spinal injuries from the fall. He went through a few surgeries for his spine and stayed in the hospital for months, just for rehabilitation.

During the days in the hospital, Aaron did not give up on hope and had followed through all the therapy sessions and eventually gained full recovery. From then, Aaron realized how difficult life could be for those people in need of help, so he started to do charity work and made donations to orphanages, elderly care centres, and charities for the homeless.

Aaron started up his first salon in 2018. As the business bloomed in the following years, he incorporated 3 other salons during the period from 2019-2021. Aaron’s efforts paid off and he gained recognition as an entrepreneur by many in the business field, and has even won quite a few awards.

With a strong faith in his beliefs and with sheer perseverance, Aaron gain the title of Dato in

Malaysia, and is today also a President of an orphanage.

He has started a non-profit charity organization in Singapore called “Giving Hope”, to give back to society and continue helping more in need of help.

“If you knew what I know about the power of giving. You would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.”

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