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S4 Kenji preaches 'Change is scary but possible'

Kenji, born and bred in Singapore.

Ever since his father passed away when he was young, his life took a turn.

He became a rebellious teenager and got himself into trouble. Kenji was bullied and joined gangs to protect himself. This led him to gain more power and he started to recruit men under him. He also started to engage in many illegal activities. However, this course of lifestyle did not last long.

Kenji was arrested by the police and sentenced to imprisonment twice - the first time for a term of 14 months, and the second time for 7 years - for drug trafficking offences.

During his second imprisonment, Kenji realised he wanted to rid himself of his rebellious life and change. He started to read the bible and grew closer to Christ. He joined the worship team and church service in prison. He also got rid of his bad temper and vulgarities. A new life was what he wanted.

Kenji completed his “N” and “O” Level's in prison. After his release, he never looked back. He attends church weekly and commits time to engage in volunteer work with ex-prisoners and high-risk youths. He also volunteers his time with homes for the elderly.

With a strong faith in his beliefs, Kenji studied and completed his Theology course in hope of becoming a Pastor in the future.

As for now, Kenji is a certified trained fitness instructor. He thanks God for the chances that he has been given and is determined to help others in their walks of life and to motivate them. "Change is scary, but change is possible" "Never ever give up"

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