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S2 Admond Huang is 'lost and devasted, but never giving up.

Since he was 17, Admond started lifting weights with friends and always admired great physiques. However he did not pursue his career or do anything about it. Which might be the biggest mistake.

Two words to describe Admond of his past, “LOST” and “DEVASTATED”.

In his early 20s, Admond was doing pretty well in his real estate career. Later in his career days, he started partying a lot, ignoring the advice from his family and totally ruined his life. He then got into trouble with the law and laid himself in prison for two years due to negligence after his friends persuaded him to assist them. Then he was betrayed by a friend who pointed to Admond as the mastermind of the entire syndicate. All his friends left him.

After his release from prison, Admond set up an events company with another friend, but was scammed and left in devastation. Fast forward to marriage life. Admond is blessed with a lovely son. Admond thought that his life might have changed for a better. Admond and his wife set up an F&B business but closed down after two years due to manpower shortage. Admond then drove Grab for two years to support his family. He was lost and devasted and just leading a aimless life. Fast forward to last year, Admond’s wife left him for another man.

For an entire decade, it seemed as if his life was always spiralling downward.

Right after his divorce, Admond dug deep and forced himself to make a decision to either change his life or to remain lost and devasted. Admond decided to take the leap of faith to chase after his passion as he always wanted to an impact on other people’s lives. So he entered the fitness industry as an employee. Fast forward to today, Admond has started his own freelance personal training branding and enjoys doing what he is doing now with no regrets. He has never regretted for what has happened but is thankful for what has happened that has moulded him to be a better version of himself.

He would love to share his stories and experiences to everyone that needs it.

Don’t allow situations or circumstances to limit you. You are not born to just lead a normal life. Everyone has their potential and talent. Don’t just be average. Get out of your comfort zone, keep chasing, take baby steps. Some day you will make it. And tell yourself that you definitely deserve better. And it is never too late. Create your greatest version!

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