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S10 Benthem continues to say positive

Chee Meng is a positive-thinking and happy-go-lucky person.

Life was very difficult when he was young and one of his immediate family members became addicted to gambling and lost a lot of money.

The family would often get disturbed and threatened by loan sharks. As a result of the stress, another family member suffered mental health issues.

As he was then only a teenager he was not able to help much, and could only show care and love for the suffering members of his family.

In order to pay for his studies and living expenses, he had to work part time to earn some money. He remains grateful to all his friends who always encouraged and supported him during the difficult times. Sometimes, it’s really the small gestures of care and concern that most matter.

After he completed his university studies, he received an opportunity to work in a good company in Singapore. Finally his family was able to repay all the debts and start to rebuild a good life. When he became financially stable, he started to pick himself up and started taking care of his appearance - getting to the gym and getting in shape, changing himself for the better.

The road to learning to love oneself may be a lifetime one, but he is glad he has finally started the journey.

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