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Ronald S11 hopes to sing his way to the top

Ron lived a happy childhood life in Tondo Manila. His family was and remains inclined to music and the arts, and everything seemed to be pretty much normal until, in his secondary school days, when he broadened his friendship circles, he then realized that his family was categorized among the poorest families in the community. All the while, he thought that eating a biscuit for lunch is the norm as each of his peers seemed to do the same.

From then he started to dream big and honed his talent in singing. Together with his family, he started to participate in drawing and singing contests. While his father continues on his job in a construction supplies shop, Ron’s mother accompanies him and his siblings every weekend to every drawing and singing competition available. Ron had wished to pursue his dream of becoming a singing icon. However, due to the family’s financial challenges, he decided to set aside his love and interest in music to pursue his “serious” studies. After he graduated from college, his passion in music had still taken a back seat and he focused on his career as a Computer Programmer.

After many years, his father told him “Don’t stop singing!” Maybe, someone from the audience needs to hear him singing to motivate them, to complete their day, to save a marriage, or even more to save a life... Ignited by his father’s message, he continued singing for weddings, events and parties and a lot more singing engagements around.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, he decided to take his singing a step further by joining and eventually representing Singapore in the international competition - World Championship of Performing Arts. He was not only stunned by the honour of representing the country, but even more stunned by bagging a silver medal for Singapore in the said competition. Since then, he regained his confidence in singing and is now actively participating in several charity concerts through digital platforms. Ron is now gunning to fulfil another dream- to clinch the Mr World Singapore 2021 title.

It’s never too late to start dreaming! Don’t stop dreaming because all of our dreams are valid. Continue to inspire and help others through our talents. Never stop dreaming, Never stop helping!

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