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Retinol Meets Moisture-Boosting Ceramides

Elizabeth Arden started a revolution with ceramide capsules over 30 years ago. Single-dose serums tailored to individual concerns making skincare effortless. Now, from the creators of the award-winning retinol capsules, the brand is introducing a multi-benefit eye cream formulated with clinically proven retinol and moisture-boosting ceramides – Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Eye Cream. An anti-aging blend of microencapsulated retinol, peptides and niacinamide smooths, brightens and de-puffs.

The cream also features Smart Retinol Technology to deliver a formula strong enough for visible results and suited for the delicate eye area with: · Smart Potency – Their microencapsulated retinol absorbs 5x deeper* with 8-hour continuous release. · Smart Results – A blend of retinol, peptides and niacinamide helps smooth, brighten, de-puff and keeps the delicate eye area hydrated. · Smart Dosage – Dispenses the perfect amount of product with an airless pump to protect formula potency. *Skin model test of raw material; results observed in 7 days on encapsulated retinol using Raman spectroscopy. The report addresses raw retinol material only. The actual effect of cosmetic product varies from person to person. KEY INGREDIENTS: · Microencapsulated Retinol: Smooths wrinkles & refines texture · Peptide Blend: Helps firm skin & improves tone · Niacinamide Blend: Helps diminish appearance of dark circles BENEFITS: · Reduces appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. · Improves the look of dark circles and puffiness. · Brightens and helps restore radiance to tired looking eyes. · Refines texture around the eye area. · Hydrating, non-drying formula. · Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested. Suitable for all skin types. RESULTS:

Consumer Results:

98% saw an overall improvement in eye area*

93% saw smoother skin**

93% saw brighter skin**

91% saw a reduction in puffiness**

*Based on a 4-week consumer study of 54 women, ages 25-55

**Based on an 8-week consumer study of 54 women, ages 25-55

Clinical Results:

25% immediate improvement in hydration

16% decrease in crow’s feet at 8 weeks

17% reduction in puffiness/eye bags at 8 weeks

16% reduction in dark circles at 8 weeks

Based on a clinical study of 35 women, ages 25-55. Measured by Cutometer


• Innovative airless pump protects formula potency.

• Dispenses the perfect amount with a gentle touch.


Gently press down to dispense desired dosage. Using the ring finger, tap gently around the eye area in an upward motion. Use at night.

For complete youth-restoring skincare, cleanse with Ceramide Replenishing Cleansing Oil. Prep skin with Ceramide Micro Capsule Skin Replenishing Essence. Target skincare concerns with our Ceramide Capsule Collection. Our gold Advanced caps nourish, our pink anti-aging Retinol caps smooth fine lines, our white Hyaluronic Acid caps hydrate and our bronze Vitamin C caps brighten and even skin tone. After anti-aging serums, treat eye area with Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Eye Cream. Moisturize with Ceramide Lift & Firm Day and Night Creams.


Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Eye Cream, 15 ml (0.5 oz.): MSRP $66.00


Available at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide and at

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