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Ram Bala S8 takes another shot, 5 years after his last competition

Call it the “Bruce willis effect” if you must, but the face of the matter is, bald men are and have always been considered sexy. According to a new study published online in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, men with shorn heads are seen as more dominant, confident, and masculine than men with hair. Even looking back in the entertainment history, smooth-headed celebrities of the likes of Yul Brynner, Patrick Stewart,

Vin Diesel, Jason Stathem, Tyson Beckford and Nigel Barker are often the ones who dominate when it comes to their standing based on sexiness quotient. To that glorious list of sexy bald men, we now add Mr. World Singapore 2021 Finalist, Ram Bala.

Before he made the bold choice to go bald, Ram used to have lots of fun, frequently experimenting with a whole palette of vibrant colour dyes on a full head of hair. From blonde to blue, Ram literally would spend hours, sometimes even sacrificing his morning slumber, dyeing or styling his hair in front of the mirror on a daily basis. It was 20 years ago, when he was 28, during an attempt to regrow his hair anew that Ram decided to shave it all off. Surprised by his refreshing new polished head, which earned him compliments aplenty from friends and family, he decided that would be his signature look from then on.

Interestingly, Ram was not always the self-assured, charismatic, sexy man that he is today. Growing up in a traditional Indian family, Ram used to be an extremely introverted boy. Often picked on by his schoolmates for his timid, shy and soft-spoken loner nature, he finally emerged from his shell during his National Service days, when enlistment into the Singapore Police Force boosted his confidence. Bolstered by this newfound persona, he bravely signed up for a training course, taking the first steps towards fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a Group exercise Instructor.

Today, not only has he transformed into the lean-muscled and beautifully tattooed energetic live-wire of the gym studios, inspiring and encouraging others to stay on track with their fitness goals. To boost his confidence even further he was voted as one of Cleo’s 50 most eligible bachelors in 2007 and also on that same year he was voted as one of Female Magazines 50 Gorgeous People. In 2014 he took part in Manhunt Singapore and Mr Asian World and in 2016 he took part in Nutriman.

And after 5 years Ram feels he is not done yet and at the age of 48 he is raring to take to the pageant stage once again and give it his all to become the very first bald and tattooed winner of Mr. World Singapore 2021 and to be a voice and a role model and share his life experiences to the younger generations.

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