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Updated: May 30, 2021

While the 2009 Korean drama Boys Over Flowers probably planted the seed of adoration for the handsome, whipped Korean men all over the world, little attention was paid to the latter half of the Korean drama’s name, flowers.

But a decade on in a global pandemic, people have moved on from the association of flowers with Korean men. Instead, the presence of flowers in our daily lives has become more pronounced with the onset of bittersweet celebrations and events in this Covid-19 pandemic.

Sending flowers has moved on from its associations of romantic love, and has into territories of simple love and appreciation for the ones you treasure most.

From socially distanced weddings to smaller gatherings with your old friends, the spirit of joy and celebration seems to be muted in recent times, but one way or another, we find ways to express love and appreciation for our loved ones.

Flowers have become a symbol of appreciation and love, and certainly has surpassed the threshold of simply being a Valentine’s day gift or a romantic show of love for one’s partner.

Today, it is one of the many ways to convey your admiration to not just family or your partner, but also to close friends who have supported you in the difficult times of your life.

With your sincerest desire to show your appreciation for your loved ones, it is also necessary that you find a florist who can craft an appropriate floral arrangement to suit your needs and occasion.

Little Flower Hut is a homegrown floral establishment that promises to be “the hut that touches the heart”, and promises to bring happiness to your flower recipient as well.

This sincere establishment is humbly homegrown, and wants to accommodate all customers to the best of their ability. They offer same-day delivery at no extra cost!

Floral arrangements are all handpicked and wrapped with love to ensure the highest quality flowers for your recipients, and they guarantee a 100% trust rate with no product misrepresentation.

Little Flower Hut also understands that as small symbols of appreciation, floral arrangements are not the most affordable for many customers who want to show their appreciation to their loved ones.

To make flower giving as accessible to as many people as possible, they promise affordable floral arrangements which don’t break the bank, and guarantee a smooth and satisfying customer experience from ordering to delivery.

Their gracious customer service aside, Little Flower Hut also boasts a wide assortment of floral arrangements to cater to customers’ needs, such as their Masculine Flowers Collection, which you can arrange for your male friends.

Cool grey, green and blue tones are the base colours of their bouquets and table arrangements, and flowers unlike the common red and pink hues.

In this arrangement, the florists used flowers with brilliant orange and purple hues to create an interesting, stark contrast which sets this apart from the pinkish colour palette womens’ bouquets are commonly known for.

The floral arrangement pictured has more ferns and flowers which do not emit as strong a smell, which I prefer as there is less opportunity for pollen allergies to surface and insects are less attracted to it.

While handheld bouquets may be reserved for more special occasions such as birthdays, this floral arrangement comes as a table piece, complete with a solid and durable flower pot that looks quite pretty by itself too.

I personally liked the addition of colourful ferns in this arrangement as I thought they could be a more neutral piece of home decor around the house after its shelf life as a floral arrangement. The arrangement also came in a solid, sturdy pot which made this arrangement seem all the more decorative than simply a flower arrangement.

Overall, I really liked the floral arrangement that Little Flower Hut had sent. It’s a nice arrangement with a sturdy pot that sits prettily as home decor and can be reused as a decorative pot if I repot other plants in this pot.

I personally liked how there weren’t too many flowers and there were more ferns which extended its purpose from a floral arrangement to house decor, which made this floral arrangement more versatile, and absolutely more gender-neutral which makes it an excellent choice if gifting to male friends, family members or colleagues.

If gifting flowers for important events such as birthdays, graduations or to congratulate someone, Little Flower Hut also has an assortment of arrangements ranging from classic to quirky which are not too feminine.

They have also curated a marvellous collection for the upcoming Fathers’ Day, which features classic brown and blue hues.

To order, customers can either place them through their website, or call +65 6509 9750.

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