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[PART 4] Featuring Mr World Singapore 2022 Contestants: Kelvin Eng, Justin Chua and Charles-Nicolas

Part 4 features three more contestants Kelvin Eng, Justin Chua and Charles-Nicolas who are contesting in Mr World Singapore 2022.

Kelvin Eng Age: 27 Height: 171 cm Weight: 78 kg Occupation: Content Strategist


Kelvin considers himself a bit of an eccentric with a “healthy dash of an enigma in there somewhere”. His ambitions are twofold: financial freedom and the ability to care for his mother in her twilight years.

You wouldn't guess it looking at him, but Kelvin is a writer by trade. Content ideation and client management aside, taking up the pen and writing incisive, insightful stories to build his clients' brands is something he enjoys doing. Before entering the working world, he majored in English Literature in university. Now, any skeptic would tell you that he had made a fool's choice. But it doesn't change the fact that he loves Literature. And he doesn’t just mean novels, prose or poems. He considers other media content such as movies, music, games (the list goes on in perpetuity), as Literature as well.

Kelvin is also a gamer. The kind of games he enjoys the most are very much influenced by his love of the literary art. He is especially drawn to games that skilfully blend story, characterisation, world-building, gameplay, and music into one. The biggest draw for him is when games show instead of tell him their plots. To this end, he finds that Role Playing Games (RPGs) fit this bill very well. Some games that have resonated strongly with him include Legend of Mana, NieR:Automata, Final Fantasy IX, The Witcher III, Chrono Cross, and Project Triangle Strategy.

Despite such literary pursuits, Kelvin of course enjoys working out. In particular, he loves watching his body grow and develop through all the hard work he puts in. As much as he has grown to love his body so far, he knows there's still plenty of room for improvement. And he strives to continue improving and upgrading himself.

Share with us one fun fact about yourself

I love plants and keep a variety in my room. I'm especially drawn to alocasias, particularly those with vivid colours and patterns like the dragon's vein and frydek.

What do you hope to achieve for joining Mr World Singapore 2022?

Experience. I walked in with zero expectations and intend to leave more enriched.

Complete this sentence, Mental health is...

not to be taken lightly. As a society, Singapore has miles to go in unlearning and learning the litany of misconceptions it has long held about mental health. For starters, it would help immensely NOT to use the names of mental health problems as insults (eg: retard, autistic, etc) in regular conversation.

Do you think Social media is good or bad for the society?

Think of social media like water. Just like how water is at once a source of life and death, social media is both good and bad at the same time. When placed in the right hands, it can rally people into taking action for meaningful causes and beliefs. But when misused, it becomes a rebarbative vehicle for hate and spite.

Justin Chua Xian An Age: 26 Height: 174 cm Weight: 81 kg Occupation: Sales & Ops Executive


Justin has always been somewhat of an oddball. From hobbies to professions, his tendency has been to take on new things, diving deep into the unknown, from hobbies like lighter collecting, to professions like stripping and plumbing to being a tattoo artist to working in disruptive tech for the maritime industry.

He loves to break out into dance and song without care for public spectacle. Since the pandemic, however, his playful persona has somewhat shifted away into a more professional and mature persona. He is taking life much more seriously and building a future which he hopes to build his family upon.

He still lives for experiences and continues to enjoy activities in the sun and in the water like beach days and wakeboarding.

Justin loves helping people and he derives most of his happiness from making others smile. He thinks Mr World will be a super cool and fun way to showcase his spunky personality to the world!

Charles-Nicolas Age: 26 Height: 181 cm Weight: 75 kg Occupation: NFT Instagram:

Charles is half Taiwanese and half French and speaks both language, and English, fluently. He considers himself a “simple ambivert”. He likes doing solo activities like reading (mainly non-fiction); drawing and researching on sustainable practices; but also enjoys outdoor sporting activities. Sports-wise he tries to stick with calisthenics and has also won a few rock-climbing competitions in his youth.

Talent wise, Charles plays the piano, and also earned first place in a 4-day business competition in his University. His favourite quote probably has to be “as the island of our knowledge grows, so does our ignorance”. It keeps him grounded.

Coronation Night of The Beam Search: Mr World Singapore 2022 will be on 8 September 2022! ⁣This will be the largest male pageant event in the history of Singapore where 4 winners will be crowned in one night!





Join them for a night of exciting competition, performances and music with celebrity hosts and special guest stars MAYIDUO, THATERICBOY and CELEBRITY DJ NICOLE CHEN!

Tickets @ $80 (Free flow soft drinks and 4 alcoholic Drinks)

Tickets are now available, do enjoy the night with electrifying performances and witness the moment when the organiser crowns the winner of Mr World Singapore 2022!

Ticket collection booth opens at 6pm.

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