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Nu Skin Singapore Looks at How Stem Cells Work in Skin Care

Are you shocked to hear about stem cells being a part of successful skin care essentials? Don't be. Dermatologists around the world are talking about the rejuvenating effects of stem cells in skin care in addition to other innovative health treatments. However, these stem cells are usually derived from plants while working similarly to human stem cells.

Why Plant Stem Cells?

Plant stem cells promote tissue repair and regeneration throughout the plant and even lead to new buds/branch growths when parts of the plant are removed or damaged. Scientists believed they could apply those same rejuvenation techniques to skin care, and as a result, you can now find plant stem cells in common products such as creams, serums, cleansers, and moisturizers.

Things to Know About Plant Stem Cells

It is important to note that the stem cells found in skin care products aren’t active or living — they are plant extracts. You still get the same benefits of antioxidants and amino acid content without using a live or active stem cell. Additionally, different plant stem cells have different skin care effects. Stem cells from grape seeds promote anti-tumor activity while lilac stem cells help repair oxidative damage.

Does Our Skin Care Need Stem Cells?

The process of skin rejuvenation includes the efforts made by skin cells in order to repair the damage and make the skin more youthful-looking. The amino acids and peptides found in plant stem cells are known to be powerhouses for skin rejuvenation, hydration, and skin texture. As a result, you’re left with healthier, hydrated, younger-looking skin. More research will ensue but so far, the benefits of plant stem cells in skin care are being documented.

So, while we may not necessarily need to add plant stem cells to our skin care products, they have been found to do good things for our skin.

Want to Learn More?

At Nu Skin, they are dedicated to finding the best science behind skin care ingredients and products. This means you can trust that you’re getting effective, science-backed products that help transform your routine and improve your skin.

Take a look at the research they've been doing on plant stem cells and other ingredients to see how our skin care works for you.

You can also check out the most popular skin care products in the Nu Skin range. When you are ready to revamp, improve, or refine your skin care routine, Nu Skin is here to help.

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