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The rise of Social Issues on Netflix Programmes

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The recent tragic event; the murder of Gorge Floyd, an event which is so tragic that gained worldwide attention. Since this event, society's awareness of social issues surrounding social injustices has risen. Therefore, it is important for us to learn further, what else is happening around the world? The following lists are shows and movies available on Netflix that will help you gain additional knowledge about the world's social issues.


We are all familiar with the word Feminism but what does it mean? In the dictionary, it means the movement of advocating women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. The movie below will give you more insight into what is the true meaning of feminism.

  • Feminists, what were they thinking?

This hour and a half film documentary talk about the awakening of women in the 1970s. In this, they talk about the inequality that women faced during that time, how women in that generation fought for women's sexualization in the media, women’s sexuality, equal pay for men and women. In other words, this film will give you a glimpse into the second wave of feminism.

Documentary Director Johanna Demetrakas will bring you to the “then and now” a documentary built based on photographs in the 70s when women are limited to do whatever they want wholly because of their gender.

“I had to fight for who I was.” — Feminist: What were they thinking, 2018

Feminism isn’t just fighting for the rights of women. It is fighting for everyone who experiences inequality thus it is important for everyone to watch this film in order to appreciate what women then fought for what we have now.

This film is available on Netflix SG

Black Lives Matter

The issues that sparked the black lives matter movement in 2013 has raised awareness towards these issues however, the social injustice happening toward African Americans has been around for decades thus the following series will talk about this issue.

  • When they see us

‘When they see us’ is a Netflix Original miniseries that tells a true story that happened in the United States in 1989. This moving true to life miniseries talks about multiple social issues that African American people face. The story follows the story of ‘Central park 5’. Five young men that are wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for something that they did not do.

Though some of us may not be Americans nor African Americans is it important for us to understand why and what are they fighting for. Why are they protesting?

Warning: This series talks about sensitive topics that may trigger people.

This film is available on Netflix SG

Police Brutality

The event that inspired me to write this article is the abuse of police power around the world. Therefore, it is important to know to what extent they can abuse their power.

  • Challenging

A movie starring Angelina Jolie, one of the most notable actresses of this generation. This movie follows a story of a woman, Christine Collins, in 1928, one day her son Walter Collins went missing. After months of search the police contacted Collins that they have found her son however, Christine Collins was not content.

This true-to-life story talks about police abuse of power which is still relevant in the United States and many countries today. It also tackles the mistreatment of women at that time, abuse of power, family relationship, and new hope.

(This story has also been featured in a BuzzFeed Unsolved Episode, though that episode does not talk about the police's abuse of their power.)

This film is available on Netflix SG


One of the most talked-about social issues is climate change thus the following documentary talks about consumerism or the possession of material things.

  • Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Minimalism isn’t just an aesthetic or fashion style, it is a lifestyle. This an hour twenty minute documentary about the journey of two dudes to minimalism will bring you the knowledge, life-lesson and will make you realize that you do not need 90 percent of the things that you own in life. In this, they talk about their journey, how they started, and how they are still maintaining this lifestyle. This film documentary is great if you are trying to get into learning more about the minimalism life-style.

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (the narrator of the film) also has a podcast where they talk about the different aspects of minimalism; so if you think the information about minimalism in this documentary is not enough, you can go to their podcast “The Minimalists Podcast” available on Spotify.

This film is available on Netflix SG

Climate Change

As mentioned above one of the most talked-about social issues is climate change, however, though it is talked about there are only a few people acting on it thus watching the following mini-series might encourage to take action.

  • Our Planet

This phenomenal, breathtaking, incredible 8 part documentary that shows the beauty of the world and why we should save it. This documentary has the most beautiful and breathtaking shots of the different sides of nature that will make you realize how beautiful the world we are living in is. This documentary will show what is happening to our home thus it encourages us to save what is left of it.

This documentary covers the different aspects of nature like the frozen world of polar bears, the jungle, the coastal seas, the desserts, and many more. Netflix has made this series available on their youtube channel to encourage people to watch it.

This series is available on Netflix and Youtube

Our Planet 'Coastal Seas' Episode on Youtube -

Food and Health

Part of the climate change issue is the consumption of meat and its distribution to our environment the series below will tell you all about the impact of meat in our society.

  • COWpiracy

This documentary will make you realize the impact of agriculture on global warming. This documentary is a great film if you are a meat-eater or if you are wondering why vegans go vegan in the first place. This film can be a tad bit controversial because some believe that animals are here to eat however some may say they are not thus watching this documentary will make you think….which is the right side of things. While watching this documentary, it is scary how uninformed the world is on the true cost of global warming. Some may blame it on plastic or fast fashion but sometimes they cause it right in front of our dinner table.

This film can be regurgitated at times however it is bearable. After watching this documentary I have lessened my meat intake.

This film is available on Netflix

Here are more documentaries that will give you further insight into social issues;

(All these documentaries are available on youtube)


Police Brutality



Fast Fashion

Article Written by Kaira

Instagram: kairaonfilm

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