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Mr World Singapore 2021 Partners with Project Awareness – Share @ Walk with Me

On Sunday, 3 October 2021, the organisers of Beam Search: Mr World Singapore 2021 (“MW2021”), announced the partnership between MW2021 and Project Awareness.

9 finalists and the crew of MW 2021 joined other volunteers of Project Awareness for a food giveaway to the residents of Jalan Tenteram – one of the most aged HDB estates in Singapore. Hot food, cream crackers and packets of instant noodles were given away by these volunteers, who attracted an audience of admiring residents consisting mainly of older Singaporeans, many commenting in dialect at the impressive musculature of the MW 2021 finalists.

More importantly, the finalists, who have just been selected from a group of auditionees when auditions started from March this year, had their first experience of contributing to charitable giving causes bearing the charitable mantle of the Mr World brand.

Mr Nick Yang, 27, had himself contributed 200 packets of cream crackers for the residents.

Other than Nick, the finalists who attended were

(1) William Ding

(2) Aaron Tan

(3) Vince Yap

(4) Ronald Manaran

(5) Jay Chua

(6) Terry Tan

(7) Mohd Yazid

(8) Jerald Morales

The finalists met a special resident, Auntie Jenny, who at 83, was the sole breadwinner for her family consisting of her and her 2 sons, who are bedridden from a congenital disease. There were some tears as Auntie Jenny shared her life story, and the guys were more committed to spend their time doing good in society after this experience. After all, the Mr World platform, does provide each of them with a platform to make their voices heard, and those voices can spread so much positivity in a world ravaged by strive and the pains brought about by the COVID-19 epidemic.

About Project Awareness

Project Awareness, is a social initiative, started by local singer-songwriter Elson Soh, on 20 February 2013. It believes in educating youth and working executives on the needs of the lesser seen underprivileged members of Singaporean society, and encourages giving back to society, by contributing time and love to these less fortunate persons.

Contact Project Awareness via email at or mobile +65 9092 6068 for more information.

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