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Meet the best version of Brendon Lim, Contestant No. 10

Thankful for the opportunity to be able to take part in Mr. World 2021, Brendon wishes to use the platform of Mr. World Singapore 2021 to spread the message that regret should not come from the things you do, but from only the things you did not do.

He was a typical boy who had low self-esteem and picked up exercising as a hobby to get in better shape. Through his fitness journey, he has learned not only that exercising is a beneficial investment for health, but also for the mental and emotional well-being of an individual.

The journey was not an easy one, but it was worth it. Being in Mr. World Singapore 2021, he would like to present the best version of himself and to help inspire others to do the same along the journey.

Brendon is a proud finalist of Mr. World Singapore 2021!

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