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Meet Simranjeet Sam, Contestant No.1 for Mr World Singapore 2021

Sam has a huge passion for acting and being in front of the camera. He is currently working with individual photographers on a few commercial projects and is the brand ambassador at the Royal Model Agency.

He is available for photoshoots in Singapore but also willing to travel to other destinations if Covid19 restrictions permit. Booking Sam for any event is a smart idea! He gives his 110% energy and enthusiasm to every work he attends. As Sam really enjoys being fit (practicing martial arts and various sports), he helped numerous people to achieve their fitness goals and long lasting changes in their lives. He firmly believes that there’s nothing of more value than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, confident, and strong.

His personal future goals focus on taking pride by immersing himself and featuring for well known brands in print ads, runway/trade shows. Presently, he has been listed as a Finalist for Mr. World Singapore 2021 which he values as a great opportunity to kick off his modeling career.


This year, there will be 2 grand winners at the end of the Finals: (1) Mr. World Singapore 2021 (2) Mr. World Singapore 2021 (Senior) We wish for the Mr. World journey to become a powerful platform that enables the finalists to not just showcase their good looks and physiques, but also to shape and mould the finalists for their lives ahead. It is truly a platform that will create opportunities for the finalists when their Mr. World journeys conclude and real-life resumes even in our current situation – living in an endemic.

This year, after a series of open and closed-door auditions, we have distilled the of 26 finalists for the Class of 2021 - each unique and representing a different face of modern manhood. From a healthcare workers to an ex-convict, from a millionaire philanthropist to a new generation hawker, each of these men possesses a story which deserves to be told and unique missions in their lives seeking to be carried out.

These stories tell of the different elements which have converged to build their unique character traits, forming the persons they are today. In every edition of the Beam Search, we desire to see the stories that can change perceptions to encourage societal growth, change lives, through stories that can inspire the whole of Singapore.

A total of 26 contestants will be vying for the winning title(s) this year; 14 for Mr. World Singapore 2021, 12 for Mr. World Singapore 2021 (Senior),– with the youngest contestant at 22 years old and the oldest contestant at 48 years old.

For more information, please contact: Rachel Kang Artiste Agent Beam Artistes Pte Ltd HP: +65 9115 7838 Email:

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