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Meet Contestant 4, Rudhraa Ram Arumgam

Ram was born in a proud bourgeois family infused with both strict traditional and modern values, a dreamer with a passion for success. Climbing multiple steps of life at a time may not be an easy task but a compulsory one for him as he needs to work to support his family affected by the Covid endemic, save up for his education and pursue his other interests.

Born and raised in a small a backward town near Penang, he faced challenges pursuing his dreams as he was overly pampered which resulted in his previously chubby appearance and weak resolve to face the challenges of life.

Then entered the person who is both a protagonist and antagonist in his family, his elder cousin brother whom he idolized, a nomad based in Singapore. He showed the path to leave the comfort of his nest and to achieve his goals.

Inspired and filled with ambitions to be a Cybersecurity Engineer, Ram faced many obstacles leaving his comfort zone, and finally arrived in Singapore where he strived to maintain a healthy and disciplined lifestyle while facing the challenges of work-life balance.

Enduring all the hardships, blockades, and knockdowns he never succumbs to negativity, instead he thrives to succeed and set an example for his younger brother.

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