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Male Influencers to Follow For Your Daily Dose of Serotonin

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The male influencer scene may not be as hot a pot as that of the female influencers, but this demographic of people is nevertheless an interesting one. From fashion to fitness, these people are all glitz and glamour, and depict a new kind of marketing in the modern 21st century today.

Many are influencers turned celebrities, or even influencers turned entrepreneurs. Male influencers are a wonderful group for male oriented brands to turn to in today’s advertising climate, and so our team has scoured the Singaporean Internet to bring you the hottest and most likeable male influencers this season.

Noah Yap

This charming boy next door hits all the right spots to tickle our funny bones with his relatable videos to add some spice to our mundane lives. Yap is known for his many forays in the media and entertainment scene, most notably for his role as IP Man in Jack Neo’s comedy film Ah Boys to Men.

Yap broke into the entertainment scene first filming YouTube videos in his bedroom on his webcam in 2012, perhaps the most memorable video being “How To Be A Typical Auntie”.

Check it out here:

Goh Shi Song

This lovely male influencer will boost your serotonin levels at first sight with his boyish charms. Shi Song was under the umbrella of influencers managed by Dee Kosh, but has since cut his public appearances in videos and social media posts with Dee Kosh. He now appears regularly on the Youtube channel READY SET BRO filming a series of challenges and vlogs with other influencers.

Check out their latest video here:

JianHao Tan

This Singaporean YouTuber has one of the most, if not the most impressive accolades in the YouTube entertainment scene in Singapore. Tan currently runs two YouTube channels, JianHao Tan and JEBBY FAMILY, which he runs with his wife Debby, posting vlogs about their daily lives with their daughter Starley Tan.

While JianHao has been embroiled in a few scandals, controversies and criticisms surround his YouTube videos which many deem to be “cringey” and inappropriate, JianHao never fails to show his haters that he will rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Check out their latest video here:

Marcus Tan

Marcus is baby faced, flamboyant and extravagant, much like the Singaporean version of BTS. On his Instagram account, he sports fancy hairstyles and outlandish colours which little people can pull off, but he does so effortlessly with his charming good looks., but Tan is not just a pretty face.

He runs a Tik Tok account where he posts many humorous videos of himself participating in the latest Tik Tok trends, where his easy going personality and sense of humour takes the stage.

Yutakis James

This may not be a name we have heard in a long time, perhaps due to Yutakis increasingly privatising his life, but Yutakis is still a public figure known to many, especially those who kept up with Xiaxue and her social circle around 5-10 years back.

Yutakis may not be the typical influencer, regularly posting on social media daily to keep up with his engagements as his Instagram account is now private, but he has kept his photography portfolio beautifully updated on his website, and even released a photobook. His photography style is mostly aesthetic with warm toned lighting, and has an ethereal mood that transports you straight to Wonderland.

Check out his website here: | YUTAKI'S (

Ben Tang

Known for his striking resemblance to Korean celebrity Cha Eun Woo from Astro, Tang is undeniably one of the prettiest faces in Singaporean entertainment. He runs his own YouTube channel bentanggg, and frequently appears on JianHao Tan’s YouTube channel from time to time.

He is also slightly fit and a little muscular which he shows off on his Instagram profile from time to time, which never fails to surprise us given his innocent and cute looks.

Like 3-in-1 Nescafe coffee, Ben Tang is sweet, bitter and strong all at once!

Check out his latest video here:

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