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Impossible is nothing with Contestant No. 7, Shah Ridzwan

Currently pursuing Nursing in ITE College East, Ridzwan is the youngest child among 10 siblings.

He hopes that by sharing his story through this Mr. World Singapore journey, he may prove that there is hope and that amazing things can be accomplished even when dealing with depression. Last year, Ridzwan was diagnosed with dysthymia, which is also known as Persistent Depressive Disorder. Depression is a daily battle for many people. Some days are more difficult than others, but he has learned to cope, to recognize his symptoms and triggers, and to maintain control. He feels that awareness is the key to prevention, which is why he would like to use this as a platform to share his personal experience with depression with you.

“You need to step out of your comfort zone in order to become stronger and grow.”

This quotation is the driving force behind his decision to compete in Mr. World Singapore 2021. Back in his childhood, he was constantly bullied. He was called names like "Soft guy" and "Fat".

He was unsure how to handle the situation, so he chose to ignore it and became really upset and depressed as a result of the name- calling. That was another reason for his insecurities, which built up over time and eventually led to a mental breakdown.

The individuals competing in the male pageant are judged on their leadership abilities, intelligence, and physical fitness. Apart from those three values, though. It also includes attributes such as a winning attitude, a unique personality, and, most significantly, confidence in yourself. He thinks that he is not in the best of shape right now but remains confident that participating in this pageant will provide him with the motivation to work hard and achieve the body of his dreams. Throughout this journey, he hopes to prove to everyone that hard work, sacrifices, and struggles are all worthwhile it. Trust THE PROCESS.

Ridzwan has been dancing Malay Dance since he was in primary school, and he has won Silver and Gold in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF).

He hopes that this journey of his will prove to be an inspiration to others that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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