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iFitness predicts the top 5 winners to win Mr World Singapore 2021

Mr World Singapore 2021, a talent competition organised by Beam artistes has aired its first 3 episodes of Survivor series on Youtube. This year's competition has been a lot more heated as contestants go through rounds of challenges in order to stay in the competition. A total of 26 contestants will be vying for the winning title(s) this year.

So far based on the challenges, the first episode has tested on contestants' physique and strength, as well as how each team could work well together. Titled Let the Games begin, showcases contestants in their first challenge as everyone tries to impress and show off their physique and muscles.

Watch this episode to find out the twist at the very end. Will the fate of a particular hot favorite contestant be sealed?

In this article, we will be predicting the top 5 contestants that stand the best chance to win Mr World Singapore 2021. We will also evaluate if they stand a chance to enter into the ever convoluted media and entertainment industry.

Jay Chua

Jay Chua, 24, is a personal trainer who believes in helping people achieve their fitness goals. In most of the challenges, Jay could be seen as taking leadership roles to help his team members. He is also touted to be the strongest competitor quoted by most contestants. He appears to be very hardworking and humble, and also tries his best at most challenges. Jay Chua has also been bold and provocative in his IG curation, with a recent sexy depiction of a stylized Squid Game portrait of himself recently.

Chances of winning the title: 8/10

Chances of entering the media & entertainment scene: 8/10

The twenty-something leading guy archetype is extremely competitive and saturated in a small market in Singapore. To succeed, Jay could start with modeling to gain more performing experiences.

Sin Ming, 32 has a boy next door appeal which works well for him. At times, his cheekiness is subtly shown through his live videos and recordings. He is also an instructor for body combat and rhythm cycling in a few local gyms in Singapore. In a recent interview with iFitness, Sin Ming highlighted his longing to meet his mother, who is now in Malaysia. iFitness thinks Sin Ming is the dark horse to win this title.

Chances of winning the title: 7.5/10

Chances of entering the media & entertainment scene: 8/10

Sin Ming has the boy next door mass appeal. Given the right role, Sin Ming would be able to take on long-form dramas that are set in the neighborhood. Sin Ming seems very natural facing the camera throughout the competitions.

Maurice Wong

Maurice, 26, has been 'flying under the radar' in this competition. However, through the various recordings and events, it has been noted that Maurice has been supporting the success of some team challenges. Maurice, who is now in the financial services sector, hopes to use this competition as a platform to inspire the young generation to put aside their technologies and get active. Now, that's a noble thought! Maurice stands out with his strong chiseled look and a well-toned body.

Chances of winning the title: 7/10

Chances of entering the media & entertainment scene: 7/10

Typically fitness buffs and enthusiasts face a problem with being seen as 'too bulky' on screen. Some are typically cast to fill roles like personnel who are in uniformed groups. So far notable actors in this category are James Lye, and Allan Wu. Maurice might need to tone down his body to suit certain characters.

So here's a commercial break, let's check out the second episode!

In this episode, our finalists work in groups to create an advertisement for KiyoClear - a new brand of teeth aligners from Japan. They will also star in a variety of roles in the advertisement they create. The groups who come out with the most amazing advertisement will walk away victorious! With the non-elimination round last week, the losing team will eliminate 2 members!

Sean Nicholas Sution

Eloquent and well-spoken, Sean, 25, stands out for his ability to hold good conversations and interview questions. It is quite rare to have someone who is from the financial sector showing much interest in the entertainment industry. Sean appears to be a good team player within his team and entire competition. He was able to immerse himself naturally into the sea of manhood within the boys.

Chances of winning the title: 8/10

Chances of entering the media & entertainment scene: 7.5/10

There's a fine line between passion and money. While passion can bring us enlightenment, it is a well-known fact that the entertainment industry doesn't pay as well as the financial sector. Due to the uncertain nature of this industry, many are freelancers who live from one paycheck to the next. Sean has to decide how he wants to juggle this equation.

Kenji Joo

A gentle giant, Kenji, 38, appears to be tough on the outside, but he is really a soft-spoken, humble chap. Kenji has definitely gone through the hard knots and has arrived at a good destination. He studied theology and is working towards becoming a pastor. Kenji is also a certified fitness trainer and is determined and help others embrace change.

Chances of winning the title: 7.5/10

Chances of entering the media & entertainment scene: 7.5/10

When there a will. there's a way. Based on Kenji's experiences, if he intends to enter into the entertainment scene, we believe he will find his way there. Going for basic acting training might help him in the long run. He could also get cast as a baddie character for a start to be remembered.

Now for commercial:

In this episode, the finalists work in their assigned teams with their mentors to raise funds for local NGO Project Awareness through a charity car wash using probiotic cleaners from OOMMI! The team which raises the most funds for charity will away victorious! The losing team will vote one of their members out. Who is in and who is out? Find out!

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