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How Pornsak Blazed Through Mediacorp: Why do we love Pornsak?

Pornsak Prajakwit, a 39-year-old host, entrepreneur, and artiste is an established household name in Singapore. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, the 39-year-old came to Singapore when he was just 5 and nestled himself into the sunny tropics of Singapore.

To date, Pornsak has won many awards for his outstanding contribution to the local entertainment scene and excellent performance as a host. His latest win this year is a spot in the highly coveted list of Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes in the Star Awards ceremony, his 9th win which he was unfortunately not around to celebrate.

Pornsak can be considered the king of endorsement deals, given the sheer number of brands he has advertised for. His face can be seen plastered everywhere, from Giant’s posters to Lazada’s landing page and even on the flyers for printer brands like Brother.

The Appeal of Pornsak to Singaporeans

Perhaps it’s his million-dollar smile or his fluent speech, but it is definitely difficult for us to deny that onscreen, Pornsak is a likeable character.

But what exactly makes Pornsak so attractive to local brands and the general public? We investigate in this short reflection on Pornsak’s professional career.

  1. His unabashed interaction with celebrities

(Photo from Asiaone, 2016)

While many hosts like to steer away from controversy and generate safe, commonplace topics for conversation, the same cannot be said for Pornsak.

Pornsak wittily and playfully integrates touchy topics for celebrities, the most famous example being the Star Awards ceremony in 2016, when he playfully took a jab at Rui En asking his fans, “If you really love me, why didn’t you vote for me? Do you know who I am?”, quoting her famous one-liner from her brush with traffic law back in 2016.

In response, Rui En simply shrugged and smiled, appearing to not have taken any offence at his cheeky comment.

Pornsak doesn’t shy away from poking fun at his fellow colleagues, and it seems to have rewarded his career, playing the game strategically and making sure not to cross any boundaries.

2. Pornsak’s cheerful disposition

The 39-year-old is not just known for his unbeatable hosting skills.

During interviews, Pornsak’s social skills shine as well, as many if not all of his interview guests appear to completely be at ease around him due to his cheerful disposition.

Blogger Xiaxue’s lively and relaxed disposition as seen on Pornsak’s YouTube show Porn’s Court is a testament to Pornsak’s impeccable hosting and social skills, and how he makes people around him comfortable.

The humorous pair can be seen above laughing and making jokes about everything within the entertainment circle.

His laughter proves contagious even off-screen, given the sheer amount of brands that have taken to him and named him their celebrity endorser.

3. Not just a talented host

Pornsak has proven to be a jack of all trades and a master of many, with the success of his Thai restaurant Porn’s Sexy Thai Food, a learning centre The Study Room, and the success of many of the television programmes hosted by him.

While many of us stand to agree that Pornsak is an excellent host and entertainer, he certainly surprises us time and again.

After clinching his 9th win for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes in the Star Awards 2021 ceremony, Pornsak took to Instagram to reveal his shiny new TCM license.

In an Instagram video, the talented entertainer excitedly showed off a new cardholder to “complement his new identification card”, announcing that he’s now “hashtag Doctor Porn”!

Besides his TCM license, Pornsak holds 3 whopping degrees to his name as well.

Having graduated in 2004 from Singapore Management University with a degree in Business Management, he went on to Monash University in 2007 to do a masters’ degree in Early Childhood Education and finally to Beijing University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

4. Relatability

While Pornsak is a business owner, host and entrepreneur, his life may not seem very relatable to us common folks.

However, Pornsak has the special talent of making bringing big, distant things closer to us at home.

Collaborating with fellow celebrities Michelle Chia and Addy Lee, Pornsak started an online live selling business Mdada on Facebook.

With his humorous and confident personality, Pornsak brings a warm atmosphere to viewers at home, making purchasing beauty products seem more like second nature to us viewers, rather than a special treat to ourselves.

No wonder Mdada’s products have been selling like hotcakes!

5. Sparkling clean reputation

Finally, perhaps the determining factor of why Pornsak has remained a Singaporean favourite would be his squeaky clean reputation.

Having not been in any controversies, Pornsak maintains a reputation that the public favours.

His proper yet fun and confident image panders to the family friendliness that Singaporean, especially traditional brands like to exude, rendering him a force to be reckoned with in the world of celebrity endorsement deals.

Having moved on from Mediacorp after a high-profile 15-year career to being Michelle Chong's celebrity agency Left Profile, Pornsak's involvement in newer and more exciting projects leaves us ever excited for what's in store from this lovable host.

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