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Heart of Darkness launches new core Craft Beers

Award-winning craft brewery, Heart of Darkness, launches four new additions to their core range last Saturday. The new range of core beers consists of two delicious IPAs – Marlow’s Mellow Pomelo IPA and The Mistress Double IPA, a summery IPL also known as The Island; and a tropical pale ale – First Sunset Kumquat Pale Ale.

The tropical aromatics and balanced bitterness are underpinned by a firm malt backbone, making these the perfect brews for kicking back and enjoying the summer tropics.

Heart of Darkness will also be a collaborating with popular bars such as Temple Cellars, Good Luck Beerhouse, and Kult Yard on selected dates in March. So, don’t miss this opportunity to be the first in Singapore to try these delicious new brews!

Indulge in an assortment of new core craft beers on tap

For pale ale lovers, try the First Sunset Kumquat Pale Ale. A tropical pale ale made with Vietnamese Kumquat, giving it an aroma of kumquat peels and ripe apricots. A golden-hued body with flavours of citrus zest and notes of nectarine supported by a smooth malty body. A tropical pale ale that finishes light, clean and refreshing.

Another beer to look out for would be Marlow’s Mellow Pomelo IPA, an assertive yet smooth and approachable IPA. It pours bright straw-yellow with aromas of pomelo oils, followed by delicious hints of green mango and blackcurrant. With a light-to-medium bodied brew, this beer has flavours of citrus zest and finishes semi-dry with a balanced bitterness.

Next up, give The Mistress Double IPA a chance. It is a wonderfully vibrant beer, accompanied with tangerine, pineapple, and blueberry tones, which aids in delivering a burst of flavour. A tropical and resinous golden honey beer to give a fresh, modern flavour that is becoming increasingly sought-after amongst Singaporean IPA drinkers.

Finish off with the iconic Island IPL – a gently hopped, crisp, and flavourful ‘anytime’ beer. This beverage features an inspirational selection of some of the world’s most enticing hops to deliver citrus and lemon zest notes; and a balanced zesty bite with gentle citrus oils. Its bright gold brew with a creamy head will ensure that you won’t just stop at one.

Follow them @HeartOfDarknessBrewerySG, or visit for latest exciting updates.

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