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'Diversity and beauty in all forms' with Contestant No. 11. Terry Tan

Terry and a multi-hyphenate actor-singer-songwriter.

He hopes that his craft will make someone out there feel a little less sad and a little more understood.

Since childhood, he had always been painfully shy and an introvert. He couldn’t muster up the courage even to interact with his peers. But through some twists and turns in life, he discovered his passion for performance.

Being trained in classical music from the age of 6 years old, playing on the piano was the only way he could express himself. When he was 15, a chance encounter with drama in school catalysed a chain reaction that led him to the stage.

12 years on, he finds himself on the stage that is Mr World, Singapore.

He has always been captivated by the therapeutic and cathartic qualities of the arts. He is constantly amazed at how the arts move hearts of stone, lifts spirits and even save lives.

He realised that it is an invaluable tool that he can use to empower and bring about change. Growing up, he saw how the world was plagued with prejudice, inequalities and hate. It was not a world that he felt proud of, nor want to leave for the next generation. Instead, he wanted to sing songs of love and hope. He wanted to show people that there is more to beauty than the superficial and the physical, that following the “standard” is a lie because we are all unique and perfectly imperfect. He wants everyone to feel confident in their own skin - to be able to see and celebrate their own beauty, flaws and all.

He is here to remind us all that Mr. World represents diversity and beauty in all forms.

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