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Decathlon the Ultimate One-Stop Shop for Everything Cycling

With all the immense health and fitness benefits cycling can offer, Decathlon brings you the best bicycles - specially designed for different purposes and terrain - to elevate your fitness journey in fun and innovative ways.

Explore the Great, Indoors

Exercise Bike 500 Compatible with the Domyos E-Connected App - Self Powered ($530)

Decathlon brings you a cycling experience like no other to enjoy from the comforts of your own home! Decathlon’s exercise bikes like the Exercise Bike 500, empower you to explore cycling as a sport and lifestyle at your own pace and comfort. With built-in wheels for improved manoeuvrability around the house and various coaching functions to track your fitness goals and progress, the bike provides you a complete workout that you can customise to your own abilities. With a motorised, self-powered drivetrain system, you can use the bike wherever you like, without having to worry about plugging it into an electrical outlet. It features a 6 kg flywheel that is very quiet and provides optimal pedalling comfort while working out. Furthermore, to deliver an invaluable sporting experience, the bike is compatible with the Kinomap application that provides you access to over 100,000 immersive sport videos with more than 200,000 km trails to explore around the world. With Kinomap, you can travel over real scenery in total synchronisation with your device and you can join the Kinomap community to encourage you further on your cycling journey.

Weather the Outdoor Terrain For those who would like to get outside and explore Singapore on wheels, choosing the right bicycle for the right terrain is essential. Decathlon’s variety of bicycles - road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes and folding bikes - all offer a unique riding experience.

From left to right: Triban RC 120 Road Bike 8sp - Grey ($570), Rockrider ST 520 27.5 8sp Mountain Bike ($450)

For those cycling for sport, road bikes like the Triban RC 120 Road Bike 8sp are designed to be ridden almost exclusively on the road and similar paved surfaces. They are also better optimised for speed and aerodynamics relative to other bike types. With lifetime warranty, the bike is sturdy and reliable to weather moderate to intensive use on the roads for a long time. For sport on other terrains like Coney island or Macritchie trails, mountain bikes like the Rockrider ST 520 27.5 8sp Mountain Bike offer immense versatility to the user. Additionally, the bike also offers great convenience as its light frame makes it easy to handle and ergonomic features provide the best cycling comfort.

Maximise Utility around the City

From left to right: Elops 120 Low Frame 6sp City Bike ($320), Folding Bike Tilt 120 White 20 Inch ($290)

For those who desire to commute around by bike, Decathlon’s city and foldable bicycles guarantee the best convenience and ease in doing so. City bicycles like the Elops 120 Low Frame City Bike are designed for medium-distance commuting in the city with an upright comfortable position. With an integrated rack and kickstand as well as chain guard provided, the bike is the perfect choice for the urban commuter who might be dressed in work attire and needs to be able to park anywhere in the city easily.

For commuters who might still want the option of taking public transportation, Decathlon’s folding bicycles conform to Land Transport Authority (LTA) regulations for bringing on board buses & trains fully folded.The Folding Bike Tilt 120 White 20 inch takes just 30 seconds to fold so you can quickly unfold, ride and carry it. Furthermore, the bike offers a good compromise between size and efficiency with it’s compact design and 20 inch wheels that afford you quick and hassle-free travel.

Aside from the variety of bicycles featured here, Decathlon has an extensive collection of products for you to choose from for maximum fun. So be sure to visit the nearest Decathlon store or website for more! Decathlon also offers bike servicing at its Sports Lab as well as Bedok, Joo Koon and Northshore outlets so you can easily maintain and repair your bike when needed.

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