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Contestant No. S3 Caezar Ian De Guzman to 'Change from Within'

As an only child, people thought that Ian got all the attention, the love and support he needed and that he could get all the material things that he wanted. But little did they know of the self-doubts and insecurities he was living with when he was growing up.

Born into an underprivileged family in a remote area in the Philippines, Ian learned the depth and value of life at a young age. He is considered a miracle baby as he was pronounced dead for a few minutes at birth.

At a very young age of 7, he learned about business by selling fruits and vegetables to sustain his education. He worked hard and did well enough to be awarded a scholarship grant and graduated with high honours from university with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

The turning point of his life was the passing of his one pillar of strength, his father.

His life made a 360 turn, yielding depression, anxiety and weight gain. Until one day he looked up in the mirror and that person told him, ‘You have to change!’ and that was himself. Change should come from himself and not from anybody else. He learned to focus on his strengths and not on his weaknesses.

By joining this prestigious competition, he wants to be an epitome that it is never too late to pivot his potentials and no matter how many times he stumbles he will always rise above and try again.

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