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Contestant No.14, Melvin Anthony Williams hopes to make his family proud

Melvin's purpose for joining Mr. World Singapore 2021 is to push himself to the next level.

He was born in Malaysia, and raised in the small town of Port Dickson. As the only son from a very underprivileged family, he learned how to be a metal scrap collector from his father at a very young age. From them, they earned their living.

He completed his O' Levels in Malaysia. After that, as he needed to earn more money for his parents living, and his dad could no longer pay for his further studies, Melvin came to Singapore and has been living here since 2013. He has since joined the Auxiliary Police Force, and is proud to have worked his way up. Today he is a Corporal, and supervisor.

Due to border closures during the current CVID 19 pandemic, Melvin has not seen his family for many years and misses them terribly. He hopes that his journey in Mr World Singapore 2021 will show his family back home that he is doing well and thriving, and in turn make them proud.

Melvin is a proud finalist of Mr. World Singapore 2021!

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