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Catching up with the Beauty Queens

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

In this series, the ifitness team caught up with 5 beauty queens in Singapore and find out how they have been doing since Covid-19 and winning their beauty titles.

Celestia Faith Chong

Share with us more about yourself ?

I am a blessed single mom of 3 beautiful kids, media personality, the Founder/ Beauty Inspirer of Beauty de Concierge, Event/Digital Marketing Chairperson of Spa & Wellness Association of Singapore and was the nominee of the Asia Top Outstanding Netizen (Digital) Marketeer 2019 by Asia Marketing Federation. 


Besides being awarded The Black Swan Award as "The Most Promising Personality 2018" by AsiaOne on 21 Jan 2019 , I was crowned Mrs Chinatown International All Nation 2018 and Mrs Chinatown International Beautiful Skin 2018 on 29 Sep 2018 representing Singapore.

My failed marriage had spurred me to find back, love myself, treasure my 3 kids more and to give back to people in need.

What have you learnt personally during this period of covid pandemic ?

It made me treasure the people around me more and ignite a greater passion in life. The importance of volunteering etched deeper within me as I successfully spearheaded a fund raising for Straits Times School Pocket Money fund along with like minded individuals.

I had also realigned my business to create online events, talkshows, cooking shows, geared up myself with the right equipments for the all live streams and shows when hosting. The resilience to survive in this pandemic especially with 3 kids spurred me to try things which I had never attempted before. The importance of family bonding and staying healthy when I am cooking more than before, being more conscious of hygiene conditions and spending more time with kids training them to be more independent.

What’s your personal mission in life ?

I am passionate about life. Believed that God gave us the ability to love and give. My personal mission would simply be to enjoy life to the fullest, bring up my 3 kids well, and to have the ability to help those in need in a greater scale. Does not have to be too complicated doesn’t it. :)

Tell us more about your experience as a beauty queen ?

I was honoured to be crowned Mrs Chinatown International All Nation 2018 and Mrs Chinatown International Beautiful Skin 2018 on 29 Sep 2018 representing as Mrs Chinatown Singapore 2018 to compete with 37 other contestants from 10 other countries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Beauty to me is not skin deep. It about knowing how to love yourself and others around you especially to those in greater need. Being in a pageant made me grow as a woman, a woman who knows she can inspire and empower many others in the life journey. A woman who is determined to walk her journey lighting paths of others around her in greater capacity due to the influence that is gifted by God.

How do you stay healthy?

I do not exercise on a regularly basis except for occasional swims. I watch my diet by low carbs, no dessert, no caffeine/tea, avoid preserved food, no carbonated drinks, no beer, avoid dairy, low gluten and of course maintain a positive outlook in life with my favourite drinks in moderation.

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Avril Chua

Share more about yourself

I am married with 2 kids, 46 yrs old, and a senior Director of a leading RecruitmentConsultant Firm

What have you learnt personally during this period of Covic Pandemic

I have learnt how to stay vigilant.

For Home - Mindful of things happening around us. Keeping everybody safe at home is keeping others safe, vice versa.

For Work - Looking for Opportunity and getting out of 'danger' fast. I am in a sales industry. We need to be able to identify opportunity fast and gear towards that direction instead of staying in our comfort zone but not moving forward.

What's your personal mission in life?

Persistency is important in everything we do. Whether at home or at work, we need to set some target and goals then work towards it. Along the way, there may be some hiccups or even setbacks but we find ways to overcome. Always remember that when God closes a door, He opens a window.

Tell us more about your experience as a beauty queen

Most importantly, it is the invaluable friendships gained throughout the past few years. Ladies coming together with a common passion and some you can click very well and become close friends eventually, supporting one another in our life. We are more conscious about personal grooming and maintaining one's outlook while we are still being ourselves in our heart and soul.

How do you stay healthy

I exercise regularly, That is a must.

- Sufficient sleep is very important as well as we need to give our body time for healing everyday.

- Lesser Carb intake as well since we do not need as much carb at this age.

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Anuradha Alex Marin Gasga

Share with us more about yourself?

I am a role model, an entrepreneur, Charisma coach and I am happily married to the love of my life and a mother of two handsome boys age 24 and 12. Early in my career I experienced the corporate world, later discovered my passion and involvement in women empowerment and nurturing children. I take pride in saying that life starts at 40…because I started to live my passion after I turned 40.

What’s your personal mission in life?

I am a strong believer in Women Empowerment, an active volunteer in different organizations. I believe in continuous learning and want to change the lives of women & aspiring youth with coaching and motivational speeches. I strongly trust that if you want to meet with your destiny, take care of your body & soul, and be dedicated towards your goals. Always remember, age is just a number and you are your first priority!

What have you learnt personally during this period of Covid19 pandemic?

Life is unpredictable! This pandemic has reminded me how grateful I am for my family and friends. I have learnt to adapt and create new routines and learn new things which I always wanted to but couldn’t due to time constraint and travel. We make our plans but never know how and when nature can take its troll. This pandemic has made me realise that we should make the best of what we have today and enjoy it, because tomorrow is not going to be the same.

Tell us more about your experience as a beauty queen?

The power of Mrs Earth International 2017 has given me more privilege to spread my message, while implementing my practice more widely towards improving our surroundings and having a healthy environment for our future generations. Since my crowning I have been actively involved in various social activities, I am privileged to be invited as guest of honour in several events to talk on women empowerment, where I interact with acid attack women who have faced so many difficulties in life. I conduct workshops with young girls and women to improve their self-confidence, while encouraging them to learn self-defence too. People look at me now as a role model, the very fact of seeing the change among my own friends who want to improve themselves, in the way I went through, gives me immense happiness.

How do you stay healthy?

I start my mornings with 30 to 40 min of Yoga (at least 4 times a week), as it helps me improve my flexibility and internal body cleansing; After my workout, I have a sumptuous breakfast in a bowl, which consists of flavoured yoghurt, rolled oats, soy/cow milk, nuts, and fresh fruits. After a short gap of 30 min, I drink a cup of warm herbal tea. My snack between breakfast and lunch is again nuts, dates or figs, along with a glass of herbal tea. For lunch, I prefer meat with vegetables and healthy carbs. My dinner time is between 6 to 7 pm and is usually stir-fried vegetables, I avoid eating meat at night (I have cheat days a week, usually over the weekend when it’s our family time). I also make sure to drink at least 6 litters of water a day, which helps my skin remain hydrated. As part of my daily routine, I complement it with a dose of vitamin C in the form of tablet or fresh orange juice. As there’s a long gap between my dinner and bed time, at that time I take a fresh fruit. I’m also a sweet lover (e.g., milk chocolates, cookies), when the crave comes I indulge myself; I believe in staying healthy, without depriving myself of the food I love.

Anu Alex More info:

Joesphine Lee

Share with us more about yourself ?

I am Josephine Lee, 47 years old, mother of 2 boys and happily married.

I'm a very bubbly and positive person that is driven to make life more pleasant for people around me. I’m currently a educator that finds meaning in nurturing the kids under my tutelage

What have you learnt personally during this period of covid pandemic ?

This covid 19 has taught me to be resilient and humble. It has taught me that life may have its storms and disasters but we must always look for the silver lining. Together, all of us can come out stronger and more United.

What’s your personal mission in life ?

My personal mission is to influence people to find comfort in their skin, and embrace their personal beauty, for there is innate beauty in each and every one of us. I also want to positively influence the next generation of Singaporeans to be kind hearted and driven individuals.

Tell us more about your experience as a beauty queen ?

As a beauty queen, I have learned that true beauty lies within your heart. Your superficial looks only serve to amplify your true beauty.

How do you stay healthy?

My typical regime involves boot camp, gym spinning and hiking. Putting myself in the outdoors always helps me find peace and tranquility amidst all the stress that work brings

Josephine Lee More info:

Serene Mok Maxon

Share with us more about yourself

I am a personal trainer, wife, mother, obstacle race athlete, fitness enthusiast and pageant beauty queen.

What have you learnt personally during this period of covid pandemic ?

Women are versatile creature and capable in performing many roles. Pandemic

Dealing with the inevitable uncertainty of this pandemic can be very stressful.

It is so important that we need to stay calm, refocus and divert our positive energy to things that we can control. I have learnt to be more tolerant and be thankful for each new day to face challenges. Life seems to be a little easier to mange when we practice Gratitude.
It touches me to witness so much love going around in spite of this very difficult time.

What’s your personal mission in life ?

I define my limits and only I can break them !

Tell us more about your experience as a beauty queen ?

I represented Singapore to Bulgaria in 2019 as Classic Mrs Singapore Universe 2018 and was crowned Classic Mrs Universe 3rd runner up. Year 2018 was an exhilarating, fulfilling, hectic and unforgettable.

I achieved the goals that I set my heart to. This journey enriches me, it has given me a wider platform to leverage on more meaningful charitable causes and meet many selfless pageant Queens that do the talk. I will carry the crown high, be an exemplary of a modern woman.

How do you stay healthy?

My fitness journey started 15 years back. It has transformed me into an obstacle race athlete and now a personal training coach. This valuable journey has taught me self-belief, perseverance, courage, hardship, sportsmanship, empowerment and be authentic.

I am passionately driven to inspire women of all stages in their life to strike a balance by achieving their personal best in their own fitness journey. Having a strong and well nourish body can be life changing. I have benefited so much from it, physically and mentally.

Value yourself and value your body through healthy living habits.

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