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Catching up with Kevin Huang from 'Bromance'.

The first Asia's breakthrough reality show "Bromance" debuted on POPS App Thailand. The newest POPS Original show "Bromance" has been Asian entertainment's first male-to-male dating show. The “Bromance” had dazzle audiences with a fresh take on today's most popular dramas and entertainers.

Kevin Huang is the only non-Thai cast for the reality show. If you have caught a few episodes on youtube, you will be impressed by Kevin's authenticity, quiet charm, and sincerity in the show.

IFitness SG caught up with Kevin and checked out how he has been doing amidst the Pandemic.

Ifitness: We understand you were last seen on Thai's reality Show 'Bromance', tell us how did you end up in the show? How did you do in the show?

Kevin: The producer of 'Bromance' contacted me through a friend. I sent in my self-introduction video and then had a face-to-face interview with the production team.

I was eliminated in ep 9, and I refused to join the draw lots part. Because there is no reason for me to stay in the show anymore. Also, the draw lot part makes me feel like I'm a failure (I have been in that situation once in ep 5).

iFitness: How would you describe your experience in the show? Kevin: ​Nervous, of course. I can dance on the stage or in the show, but speaking in front of cameras is totally different. However, the team is really kind, as they know I'm the only foreigner, so they keep telling me that I will just need to be myself, and it did get better after a few episodes (but I still did not speak much).

It's a new, unforgettable experience for me and glad to make some good friends from the show. The support and encouragement from the fans also surprised me so much.

iFitness: We are curious how a Taiwanese guy will end up in Thailand, could you share more about the journey?

Kevin: Wow it's a long story. About 6 years ago I traveled to Thailand first time by myself and I fell in love with this country. After that, I started to learn Thai in Taiwan for a year. Then I decided to move to Thailand for advanced Thai learning and eventually got a job at a local company before my student visa expired. iFitness: Share with us more about your life in Thailand right now. Kevin: Now the life in Thailand is quite boring due to the situation of covid-19. I have quit the office job for a while and now trying to develop my personal training business and Mandarin teaching as I found myself more passionate in this field.

iFitness: Share with us more about your pursuits in personal training and teaching mandarin in Thailand.

Kevin: A healthy body and mind is the foundation of a happy life. I hope people can learn the correct way to improve their strength and flexibility, explore more possibilities of their body. Learning Mandarin is a trend now. As I'm a native speaker, speak Thai well, and have completed the Mandarin teacher training program in Taiwan, I wish I can help those who want to improve their Mandarin skill in an efficient way. iFitness: Tell us more about your fitness regime, how do you stay fit?

Kevin: I go to the gym almost every day. Except for weight training, I do a lot of stretching and calisthenics exercise because I do aerial too and it requires both strength and flexibility. I suggest keeping your phone in the locker during the workout to have full concentration on the training.

iFitness: Do you have plans to enter into the entertainment industry, now that you have appeared in a Thai reality show? Ans: I don't think so haha. I don't have any skill in acting or singing, also not that young or good-looking. Being a dancer is much more fun for me. iFitness: What have you learned about life since the covid-19 Pandemic?

Kevin: I'm a lucky person that the covid-19 does not affect my life too much. For me, it's an opportunity to explore myself more because I spend more time alone. It's also a good time to learn more new things. We still can't see the end of this pandemic, but everything is getting better. What we can do is saving our energy for the future, being ready any time.

Kevin Huang

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Do catch the first episode of Bromance available on Youtube.

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