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Best Products for The Perfect Lazy Skincare Routine

Moisturizers? For men? Forget the notion that skincare is for women only, and indulging in self-care is unmanly and feminine. Dry and crusty skin is out of fashion in 2021, it's time to adopt a moisturizer for that irritating razor burn. Ditch your crispy skin flakes with our moisturizer recommendations today!

1. Laneige Cream Skin Refiner

This product is perfect for the relatively high maintenance man seeking an all in one way to battle dry and dehydrated and irritated skin, all of which come with their own problems. Pour a small amount onto your palm and tap into your face, repeating as many times as necessary to hydrate your skin.

2. Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

This one's for the no-frills, fuss-free man who wants everything to be done in under 3 minutes. Suitable for sensitive and oily skin, this moisturizer leaves skin nicely hydrated and moisturized and effectively prevents trans-epidermal water loss so that your skin won’t dry out. This is an extremely affordable and accessible option as well, and can be found in almost all supermarkets: from NTUC to Cold Storage and even neighbourhood department stores like C&K, this moisturizer is a hard one to reject.

3. Inkey List Vitamin B, C And E Moisturizer

This moisturizer is for the fancier man who seeks not just a cure for parched, paper dry skin, but wants the radiant glow Song Joong Ki has on TV. Good skin isn’t a blessing, it’s a lifestyle. Loaded with nourishing, soothing and brightening vitamins B, C and E to give you that dewy K-drama lead actor look, this one’s perfect for an easy way to get those antioxidants on your skin while still being relatively fuss-free. This moisturizer is lightweight and doesn’t leave an annoying greasy feeling on your face, which is perfect for our hot tropical weather.

4. Hada Labo Perfect Hydrating Gel

You’ve seen all the ads for Hada Labo’s Gokujyun moisturizer, the one with Jun Ji Hyun in it. While there aren’t any men marketing this product to you, this is wonderful for more mature men who have dry, dehydrated skin and not a lot of time to waste. This product is ph-balanced and fragrance-free, so it’s wonderful for those with sensitive skin as well. This has a lightweight gel texture that sits nicely on the skin and does not leave any sticky residue, which makes it an excellent choice for the humid weather as well.

5. Etude House Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream

Don’t be fooled by Etude House’s girly, pink exterior and host of shiny, sparkly eyeshadow displays which sit at their shopfront. This Korean cosmetics store holds one of the most popular skincare products, the Soon Jung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream which is excellent for most, if not all skin types. This formula is calming and sits nicely on the skin, providing a protective layer against irritation. However, this moisturizer is relatively thicker than the other products, so be sure to exercise some caution if you have oily skin. This is wonderful for those with irritated, red and sensitive skin and easily helps repair a broken moisture barrier.

6. BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

One can never go wrong with a trusty aloe gel. Whether it be sunburn, a bad insect bite, cracked feet or dry, sensitive or oily skin, aloe vera gel is always the answer. This product is formulated without denatured alcohol so it doesn’t further dry out your paper dry skin, and is lightweight enough such that it gets absorbed quickly into your skin, and calms any skin irritation, which is perfect for Singapore’s weather. The hot weather in Singapore makes our skin prone to flushing or irritation, which can lead to further skincare problems, and hence aloe vera gel is always a safe and wonderful choice as a moisturizer.

7. Vaseline

Petroleum jelly on your skin: what??? People might recoil at putting petroleum jelly on their skin, for fear of cystic outbreaks or oiliness. However, those myths have been long disproven and petroleum jelly is wonderful, usually for those with dry or sensitive skin as it doesn’t have other additives or potential irritants such as fragrance. Petroleum jelly is best used fresh out of the shower when your face is slightly damp, which then acts as an occlusive to seal in all the moisture and hydration. Not to mention, a tub of Vaseline is extremely affordable and can be bought for less than $5 almost everywhere in Singapore.

Article written by Michelle Ang


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