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Best Outfits on Male Celebrities This Week

Updated: May 30, 2021

Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) restrictions exacerbating your Monday blues and leaving you even more blue on a lonely Friday night with no fun activities or fancy dinners to go to?

Fret not, for you can spend this time planning your outfits for when the tightened restrictions lift and you can go out and strut down Orchard Road with your shiny new outfits.

This week, our team brings you the local celebrities with the best outfits. From fancy to casual, we trawled the Internet for the best dressed people to show you in the hopes that you perhaps can seek some style inspiration from the runway ready fashionistas and parade down Orchard Road or waltz to dinner with your date looking fancy.

Elvin Ng

This 40-year-old heartthrob ages like fine wine, and he doesn’t look a day over 30. After the controversy between him and Dasmond Koh, Ng has lived his unbothered life, laughing at the memes of his Star Awards outfit and posting about positivity on his Instagram account.

In this picture, Ng adopts a casual and breezy style with his loose-fitting T-shirt and fitted shorts. The khaki green colour of his shirt complements his rosy, warm skin tone well and he stays consistent with the dark colour palette with the navy blue and khaki green hues.

Ben Tang

Tang lives out his sweater weather dreams in this modest garb consisting of a pastel blue hoodie and black slacks. The light blue colour palette enhances his pale skin and complements his light grey hair, giving him a very cohesive outfit.

Jesper Chai

This pin up worthy model stuns in this loosely fitting double-breasted blazer, a shiny gold chain and slicked back hair. Blazers worn without any inner shirts seem to be the new in thing, and nobody pulls off this style better than Chai with his sharp, angular features which compete with the structured angles of his blazer.

Chai also wears a variety of accessories such as a chain and earrings which contribute to the moody, bad boy element of this outfit. Bad, fabulous and glamourous, we love this outfit!

Ayden Sng

In this all-black ensemble, Ayden Sng wows us with how well he manages to pull off thigh-length shorts, a fashion faux pas for many men in Singapore in case of a wardrobe malfunction.

Sng keeps it classy with an all-black colour palette and styled hair, but this outfit still remains casual enough due to the shoes and sporty element his shoes add to the ensemble.

Thigh highs may make you sigh but the scores Sng got for this outfit are definitely high!

Desmond Tan

The tightened Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) restrictions may be stopping many from dressing up and going out, but not Desmond Tan. This suave actor looks cool and casual in his all white outfit that nicely juxtaposes against his tan skin tone and makes him still look clean, neat and smart despite wearing the comfy combination of sweat shorts and a hoodie.

In this photo, Tan sweeps his hair back and keeps it out of his face with a dark grey cap, and matches the dark tones of his grey cap with navy blue shoes that offer a pleasant contrast with the light, white hues of his outfit.


This young and savvy 18 year old’s sense of style is through the roof. His youth shows through his funky dressing, which consists of patterned shirts, lots of colours and baggy pants which are the hottest pant trend these days.

Keith incorporates lots of colours in his outfit with a colourful striped shirt, but keeps the bottom neutral with loose light washed jeans and the ever so popular, versatile Nike Air Force 1 shoes.

He also wears a necklace that accentuates his broad shoulders, an accessory many of us can hop on the bandwagon of.