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Beaming with Pride

Beam Artistes is one of Singapore's premier talent agencies. They represent a good range of established celebrity names alongside promising up-and-coming new talents and specialise in the supply of these for their involvement whether as actors, hosts, music performers and/or models, etc across the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry, including motion pictures, television programmes, commercials, endorsements, industrial videos, print work, and events.

Beam Artistes manages the careers of carefully-selected talents from Singapore and the region; and helps them forge their individual images and identities, so as to empower each of them to fully develop their careers. Beam Artistes have added value by bringing an undeniable "spark" to the marketing and publicity efforts of their clients.

One of their signature programmes is The Beam Search, which aims to be a robust platform that enables finalists not just to showcase their good looks and physiques, but also to create opportunities for the finalists when their Mr World journeys conclude and real-life resumes.

With the current running of this programme, which is also named Mr World Singapore - Survivor Series, we explore the various artistes and talents that are currently with the agency.

In 2001, Ang made his acting debut as one of four young actresses cast by Jack Neo and his team in the box office smash I Not Stupid. He was cast in another successful picture, Homerun. Ang quickly went to fame and appeared in a number of films, including Nobody's Child. After finishing his National Service, Ang signed a full-time job with Mediacorp in 2008. Ang also acted in the 180-episode serial Your Hand in Mine on Mediacorp Channel 8.

Ang said on July 15, 2010, that he will not be renewing his contract with Mediacorp in order to devote more time to his new venture, a recycling company, and his family.

We rarely see Joshua hosts on reality shows. Mr World Singapore - Survivor Series, will be a good chance to showcase his hosting skills.

Modelling with Marc Jacobs, Chopard, and Bvlgari catapulted the energetic and bright May into the public eye.

The Malaysian-born beauty, who is of Norwegian and Chinese origin, got her big break when she and her twin Choy joined MTV Asia as VJs, anchoring 'Double Trouble' and interviewing international stars like Michael Buble, Oasis, Wang Lee Hom, and Taiwanese hip hop trio Machi. May's prominence as a VJ led to widespread media coverage, making her a known figure across the region, and it wasn't long before she had her own reality TV show, 'Star Celeb,' in Malaysia.

May's career took off when she and Choy were cast as The Durian Sisters in their first film, '881.' It was here that the brilliant twins were able to show off their acting, singing, and dancing abilities.

May will appear as one of the guest judges during the revival round.

Wallace Ang earned a bachelor's degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies from the National University of Singapore. He was discovered as a model when he was a student and was invited to compete in the Singapore Model Awards, where he placed second. As a result, he has been in several television commercials, print campaigns, and runway shows for labels such as Adidas and Hugo Boss.

Wallace quickly drew the attention of producers and directors, landing jobs in both stage plays and television drama series, including a lead role in a Chinese production, which put his excellent linguistic talents (English and Mandarin) to the test. Wallace began working on his debut mandarin album in 2006. The CD, titled "Roles," has ten songs that he wrote and composed. It came out in February of 2008. Wallace published his second album in 2015, which consists of songs inspired by his enthusiasm for singing and songwriting.

Wallace is one of the hosts for Mr World Singapore - Survivor Series.

Sherraine aspires to be a well-rounded performer and artist. She aspires to succeed in acting, singing, and hosting, and she works hard to prepare herself to take advantage of opportunities that come her way. Sherraine has worked hard over the years to improve her skills and get additional expertise. During her secondary school years, she was a member of the Chinese Drama Performing Arts Society, and it was then that she developed an interest in acting.

Sherraine has a diploma in mass communications and works as a bilingual emcee for corporate events and exhibitions. Sherraine has been hosting events since she was 18 years old, including yearly dinners for major firms and community events such as the Chingay Roadshow. Her cheerful attitude and warm demeanor allowed her to easily engage the audience.

Sherraine continued on to NAFA Mandarin Theatre for two years in the hopes of honing her acting skills. Sherraine became more well-known in the public after appearing on the Getai Challenge Variety Show in 2015, and she has been requested to appear on a number of television variety shows since then. She also had the chance to work with a variety of filmmakers in the film business, including Jack Neo, Royston Tan, and Boris Boo.

Guess who is Sherraine partnering in the Mr World Singapore survivor series, you need to catch the youtube series to find out!

Derek is a storyteller at heart and a writer/actor by trade. Let him tell the best stories in the world because he believes they have yet to be told. He got his first break in a CPF print ad after being discovered on Instagram. His work earned him a recommendation to another ad for the Singapore Tourism Board, which piqued his curiosity in learning more about the industry.

He enjoys climbing, hiking, and spending time discussing and engaging with his social media followers in his spare time. He also believes in giving back, so most Saturday mornings you'll find him volunteering at an art workshop for people with disabilities!

Derek has just completed a microfilm produced by Royal Entertainment. Stay tuned.

Clovie began dancing at the age of seven and began her acting career in 2012 after being discovered by a modeling agency. She is currently working as a costume designer and enjoys designing items that defy expectations. She also specializes in creating innovative Clovie Peck entertainment and performance concepts. She teaches talented artists the skill of stiltwalking in her spare time, while being a self-taught stiltwalker herself.

Clovie describes herself as a passionate and goal-oriented person who seeks to leave a positive energy trail wherever she goes. In summary, she wants to contribute to making the world a better place for everyone who lives in it!

"Coined U.K’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw by the national press, Nixalina rose to fame in 2011 when she launched her website, Sex & London City. After winning eight national blog awards and working with press such as Cosmopolitan UK, GLAMOUR and The Daily Mail. Nixalina moved to Singapore January 2017 to join the team of Nicola Watson (Nixalina) Her World magazine as Deputy Online Editor, and proceeded to launch the sister arm of her brand: Sex & Singapore City in October 2019, which was featured in major publications on Singapore shores including Time Out SG, ELLE SG, The Straits Times and Men’s Folio. She now hosts her own podcast show with the same namesake, which sits within top 25 Spotify Charts for SG, and features sub-series with co-host and SG heartthrob, Paul Foster.

Nixalina will appear as a guest judge for the revival round of Survivor series.

Jon graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He was a talent-spotted to audition for a Mediacorp television drama in 2018 where he won his first role in “Close Your Eyes”. This led to other opportunities and appearances in other dramas, variety shows and online videos. Thereafter Jon was talent scouted and took part in Mr. World Singapore 2020, where he was a finalist.

Jon is someone who tries his hand at many different things. He has crisscrossed many domains and is currently working hard to pick up new skills along the way, including television production. He is a bilingual multi-talented individual who has great learning abilities.

Jon has been busy mentoring some of the current contestants on the dos and dont's.

Dennis is a model and actor who has acted in over 20 commercials and dramas in the last three years. In the early 2000s, he began his acting career by competing in Star Search as one of the top 12 finalists. After reconnecting with a fellow alumnus, Dennis returned to acting in two church plays after a long break. His passion for performing and modeling has resurfaced.

Dennis, a graduate of NTU's Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information, has just released a book titled "101 Ways to Get Publicity." He most recently appeared in commercials for 'MOM workfare' and 'KFC CNY' as a security guard and a father, respectively. He also performed in The Theatre Practice's production of 'Four Horse Road 2020' in March/April 2020. Dennis is currently a lecturer at a few academic institutions in Singapore, where he teaches Mass Media and Communication courses.

Dennis Toh will appear as the guest judge for the Revival round of Survivor Series.

Abby has been interested in acting and singing since young, and was part of the drama club back in her secondary and JC school days. She enrolled into Creative Edge (an 18 months theatre ensemble training program) in 2015, and landed her first theatre role in Toy Factory's <<雨季>> in the same year. Abby Lai She has since developed herself across different platforms, including singing, theatre, TV/film acting and emceeing.

Her strong language ability (English/Mandarin) has opened her up to more opportunities, including being a finalist on 987TV Star (by 98.7FM) and as a part-time DJ with 958城市频 道。Abby was also a Top 20 finalist in Singapore’s audition for 《中国好声音》. With an absolute love in theatre, Abby is currently working on Toy Factory’s Production 《南柯一梦》.

Ivan Lim (b.1987) is an actor who holds a BA (Hons) in Acting from University of Essex. He has accumulated much valuable work experience during and after his graduation, from being part of an ensemble for Mama looking for her cat (directed by Benjamin Ho) to being part of Joavien Ng’s creation, Incarnation of the Beast .

Ivan Lim even represented Singapore in China-ASEAN (Nanning) Theatre week 2016. Besides acting Ivan also has a passion in Photography where he shoots and models on Instagram. He aims to bring his craft to greater heights.

We wish Beam Artistes their best year yet for 2022!

Check out their official website for more info;

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