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Aidil, Contestant No. 13 hopes to spread the awareness of self-love.

Aidil is a 24-year-old who is currently pursuing his part-time degree in Kaplan under Murdoch University while working full-time at a local gourmet style cookie café.

Although Aidil can be seen as a fun, cheerful and happy-go-lucky person, it can be hard to believe that he went through a tough childhood. He came from a broken family that had emotionally traumatised him as he was growing up. At the age of 6, his parents separated in very devastating manner that scarred him and until this day he can easily recall that awful event that happened.

As he grew up, fear was all he felt and confidence was something he had to learn on his own. As his parents parted ways and continue their lives with their second marriages, his childhood became even tougher. Aidil lived in a household that was verbally and mentally abusive. He was told that his existence was worthless and that he was nothing but a person who brings negativity to his own family by his parents. He then later learned that his dad disregarded his existence in order to move on with his second marriage. Whenever he was at a paternal gathering, he will be told to hide away from his father’s in-laws and not show himself to them. Aidil grew up mostly with the company of his relatives instead of his own parents because he did not feel safe with them anymore. Apart from the devastating findings relating his father, Aidil became depressive and suicidal in his teenage years because he was constantly picked on by his step-father.

Despite the close relationship he had with his mom in his younger years, she become someone he could no longer count on after she got into her second marriage. He suffered in silence because none of his relatives believed the things that were happening at home whenever he shared to them until one day, he was thrown out of his house by his step-dad.

Aidil was blamed for something he did not intentionally cause, and he felt as if the world crumbled when his mom chooses to turn her back at the time, he needed her the most. It became mentally draining and helpless as he felt that the two people he looked up to, his parents, were the people he could no longer trust. It took a long time for Aidil to pull himself up and get back on his two feet. At a young age, it was tough for him to not give up and having self-doubt that was instilled in him from his childhood did not help him to do better.

Aidil joined Mr World Singapore 2021 because he wants to challenge himself. As he continues his journey to always be a better version of himself, he wants to use this platform to allow those out there with similar backgrounds to be able to relate and know that if he was able to believe himself, they can too. And that people should always love themselves no matter how different they feel.

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