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8 Ways to stay positive during Covid-19 Pandemic

1. Make a list of ten positive events that have occurred in your life today, yesterday, or in general. Did you manage to bring a grin to someone's face? Have you received any compliments in the recent week? Do not concentrate on the negative aspects of current events; instead, concentrate on the positive aspects.

2. Watch funny videos online. ViralBoards is a fantastic destination for anyone who enjoys laughing at funny videos and is looking for a safe haven where they can find the best, most entertaining, and most engaging video content in their favorite categories, such as animals, world famous people, fails & extreme moments, pranks & hidden camera, celebrities (music-TV actors/actresses), and sports. The website has retained its position as the most popular clip sharing site since 2012 because it provides something more than just hit clips: it allows you to post your own incredible video clips. Also, by clicking on 'Computer Editing,' one can learn how to edit videos online.

3. Listen to music that lifts your spirits. If funny videos aren't your thing, find something else to listen to that suits your present mood. You can curate your Spotify playlist to help you get up and going again, or look up 'uplifting songs' to help you stay sane throughout the day.

Here's a list of inspirational music for your consideration:

4. Out of love, bake a cake and/or prepare food for someone else. It's always wonderful to be acknowledged by those who important in our lives, especially while we're attempting to avoid going into overdrive due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Watch or read something uplifting for example you may want to watch TED talks on learning and unlearning or anything that would free our minds as humans.

6. Do not worry if you forget about something important like your home assignment, study notes, etc., just put it down as an unimportant thing at that moment in time and move on with your 8 actions of staying positive during Covid -19 Pandemic.

7. Stay off social media: If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the news on TV, radio or internet, then make an excuse to yourself why to not watch it all at once such as your friend is coming over with her new baby who needs some fresh air; or maybe you decided to go on a bike ride h with your loved ones.

10. Make a list of the 10 things that you are thankful for in your life and remember to practice gratitude while we go through this tough time together during Covid -19 Pandemic.

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