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7 Shoes For The Modern Millennial Man To Bask In The Singaporean Sunshine

Updated: May 31, 2021

This hot summer, we bring you the trendiest shoes this season. Hot weather isn’t an excuse to flash your wiry toe hair or bruised toenails to the world, so hop on the bandwagon and check out the hottest shoes this season.

DIOR B23 Low-Top Sneaker

Seen on the likes of international celebrities like David Beckham, this shoe is not just a surefire way to jazz up your dinner date outfit, it guarantees you a small wedge of celebrity exclusivity with that price tag. This sneaker has a streamlined shape which is similar to the Converse low-top shoe, but is slightly chunkier so it pairs well with a relaxed, or looser fit pant leg. The classic white shade also offers a clean look, and complements almost all outfits under the sun due to its clean look. Business casual? Fear not, you have just the right shoe.

Medusa Head Velvet Loafers

Have you heard of insurance agent couture? This is it! Fab, flashy and all sorts of expensive to guarantee you the drip, because swag is forever. The slimmer cut of the shoe might suggest that this be paired with a more tailored, slimmer pant for a cleaner look. The gold embellishment would provide a nice complement for lighter, pastel tones, while the darker velvet base complements darker tones well. Despite the giant medallion on the shoe, this is a surprisingly versatile shoe for the flashy flamingo men.

Polo Ralph Lauren Low-Top Logo-Print Sneakers

Known for the preppy, old American collegiate aesthetic, Polo Ralph Lauren has come out with a preppy cousin to the all-time favourite Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. Both shoes have a relatively similar silhouette and shape, but the Polo Ralph Lauren sneaker has a cleaner look as the designers have left out the series of “breathing holes”, or the small holes on the side of the shoe surface. The cleaner look of the Polo Ralph Lauren shoe is wonderful for business casual attire, and goes well with a patterned or a checkered pant as a plain contrast.

Dr. Martens Adrian Tassel Loafer

Casual and formal, this is a versatile shoe for either going about your daily life, heading to the office or attending a close friend’s wedding. The shoe’s chunky platform sole guarantees you a few extra inches so you’ll be taller than your rival Jonathan from the other project team, and can look down at him from your extra 2 inches of height. The added extra inches aside, this shoe is extremely durable and is ridiculously comfortable, although it might take a few weeks to break in the leather before you get to walk with clouds on your feet.

Nike Daybreak-Type

Another close cousin shoe, this is a relative to the ubiquitous Nike Cortez sneaker. This shoe features a sharper, more angular and streamlined silhouette than the Nike Cortez which is more rounded and has softer edges. This is a comfortable and casual shoe for either going to class, stopping by the gym, running errands or simply going out for lunch with friends and has an affordable price tag that doesn’t break the bank. Affordable, comfortable and looks good? Sounds like a winner to me.

Timberland Iconic Classic Boat Shoes

How could we forget the classic boat shoe, a staple in every man’s closet in 2015? Albeit its relatively outdated status as the hottest item 5 years ago, the boat shoe is still a classic shoe that matches almost every outfit well and makes you look put together. This is an easy to wear and easy to match shoe choice and is durable as well due to its leather material, making this shoe a hard one to pass on. Whether it be the flashy berms you have or a muted pant choice, this shoe is an attractive go-to because of how simple it is.

Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 is a trendy classic that’s been on the top of sneakerheads’ lists in recent months, especially with the rise of streetwear inspired trends and fashion of late. The Air Force 1 has a chunkier yet rather streamlined silhouette which makes it an extremely versatile shoe to go with almost all casual outfits, and has a comfortable sole which sets it in stone as the "it shoe" in the recent months. The neutral tan colour of this shoe is a good complementary colour for almost all colours and clothing textures, making it a wonderful choice for almost every event.

Article written by Michelle Ang


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