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7 Good-looking Cafe Owners in Singapore

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

It is definitely inspiring to know the life story of young and good-looking entrepreneurs especially those who have founded their own café in Singapore, and how their business venture have turned into a success.

Admittedly, these people are attractive and that’s one reason why people looked up to them. Due to their extraordinary talents in making their dream come true despite the struggles along the way, their cafe has become a hit for customers as they resonate with their personal brand story.

These days, it is not easy to just establish a café and be certain that it will be successful in the end. Obviously, there are countless of cafes around and in order to stand out, you have to be insightful of the fact that it is quite pivotal to continuously innovate, adapt and work harder to improve your offerings.

Here is a list of successful and good looking café owners in Singapore who you can get inspiration from:

Dave Lim of Sunray Café

Sun Ray Café is a simple diner but customers are assured of plentiful gastronomic surprises at affordable prices. You can chance upon simple menus but you will be absolutely delighted with the taste and experience there.

Apart from being a pet friendly cafe, Sunray also roasts their own coffee in small batches regularly. This is to meet the demand of the cafe and customers, without over-stocking leading to flavour loss. They roast coffee under their specialty coffee and tea arm - Parchmen and Co.

Peggy Chang of Tiramisu Hero

She is popular for being the pretty lady boss of a very well-known café named The Tiramisu Hero. She is very hands-on and makes sure that customers are provided with their expected customer service. Peggy loves to keep the passion alive in her relationships with people in all things that she does.

She can be many things- a boss, a cashier, a waitress, a logistic person and a barista. She is a certified workaholic who does not mind working for long hours just to ensure that everything gets done perfectly. If you prefer to be treated like royals while you dine, you can try this café and see for yourself the difference they make!

Bill Ho of Eight Café and Bar

Ho is the owner and head chef of Eight Café and Bar. His passion for hosting dinner parties for families and closest buddies and his love for cooking were actually his inspiration in opening the café. He finally decided to pursue his longtime dream of founding his own diner and he became more driven as he receives a lot of encouragement and positive feedbacks from loved ones and friends.

He chose the serene location of Bukit Pasoh and made sure that all things about his café come from his personal touch. He opted for a very cozy and friendly spot that is decorated by second-hand age-old furnishing in order to come up with a very relaxing place where everyone could enjoy good food and drinks. With his unique talent in drawing, he does occasional Facebook LIVE videos to showcase his art pieces, and also update his friends and customers about his life and business.  

Ryan Pang of Habitat Coffee

Pang is aware of the reality that café scene is rapidly becoming so commercialized nowadays which makes competition tighter. Indeed locals, expatriates and all people of different walks of life who reside here now have a different and discerning taste when it comes to the diners they choose to dine in. For this reason, he is very careful and picky when it comes to the food and drinks served in their café.

He believes that it is imperative to know what customers really need and prefer in order to succeed in the café industry.

Matthias Phua of Pantler

Phua believes that to succeed in the café industry, it is substantial to do your work with heart and soul. You have to strive harder to give what customers deserve and not only think of the business as a trend. He is very skillful when it comes to knowing what will delight the stomachs and hearts of people who love to dine and try different food and drinks.

Pantler Café’s location is in Telok Ayer Street. The name of the diner is believed to be a distinctive one for a modern bakery. Phua was once a soft-spoken baker who became a successful café owner. He’s in charge of the business development and administration and at times he also personally bakes some bread to delight customers even more. He strongly advises to do plenty of homework prior starting any venture.

Jane Hia of Kith Café

Hia strongly believes that cafes of today are more bound and determined when it comes to their food offerings. She is seriously motivated of the current fierce competition mainly because she feels that this keeps everyone on their toes and this somehow forces entrepreneurs to keep up to the standards. According to her, only entrepreneurs who are consistently outstanding will make it in the café industry.

Charles Tan of FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

He is the co-founder of Fatcat Café together with his sister Ying Qi. The siblings obtained some financial assistance from their parents and also combined their money together to start the café venture. They actually started whipping all kinds of flavors of ice cream like hay and honey as well as banana caramel.

The cafe is located in Bedok North because the siblings are familiar with the place- this is where they had gone to school, had sports meet and swimming lessons. In the same way, they felt that there was a lack of cakes in the area particularly those that specialize in deserts. The diner typically has an average of three hundred customers per day.

More and more customers go here primarily because they can have desserts served in fine-dining restaurants without the need to spend lavishly. Their price range is lower.

What inspiration can you get from the stories of these successful and good-looking café owners?

As you can see, most of them started with a dream. And, they did not stop there- they work and strive harder to make that dream into reality. It is worthy of note that being in the business comes with a lot of risks; however, with strong will and determination, no risk can ever knock you down.

It is not easy to journey the road to success, but all struggles will surely pay off if you know how to play and beat the odds. Just like the café owners mentioned above, you too can be like them. Start working for your dreams so to obtain a better future not only for you but to people you love the most and for the other people you wish to delight.

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