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5 YouTube Channels To Follow To Master The Art of Cooking

Asian cooking is difficult to master, due to the non-exhaustive list of various sauces, spices, and essences that have to be used to evoke certain flavours. Thankfully, we have the internet to provide us with a comprehensive understanding of Asian cooking and master this art.

In this article, our team brings you a curated list of YouTube channels to help you improve your cooking skills, or to get you started on the cooking journey that you vowed to embark on 5 years ago for your New Years’ Resolution


SpicenPans is run by Singaporean couple Roland and Jamie, and specialise in cooking Singapore-influenced Chinese food. Many of their recipes are zichar style, meaning that they’re usually accompaniments to rice, and what you can get at the zichar stall near your home.

Their drool-inducing zichar style dishes include many Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese style dishes and provide a step by step video tutorial for you to follow at home so you can recreate those tasty zichar dishes at home, and create healthier versions or add and remove whichever ingredients you wish.

Watch their Chicken Chop in Plum Sauce video tutorial here:

Recipes 'R' Simple

This channel is a wonderful encyclopedia of many, many different cuisines which are all drool-inducing and are great for those who want a break from the regular local flavours. Recipes ‘R’ Simple is run by Shana, an Indian chef who has a wealth of cooking experience under her belt. Recipes ‘R’ Simple is a truly versatile channel for you to subscribe to as Shana has curated an assortment of different cuisines.

She focuses mostly on Middle Eastern and Indian cooking, all of which involve the heavy use of spices to guarantee you a tasty and flavourful dinner menu at home. But fret not, she has also thoughtfully prepared recipes for desserts to complement a filling and savoury dinner for a satisfying meal.

Besides recipes, Shana also has many tutorials teaching us how to handle and maintain kitchen equipment, and extremely useful guides to the various spices many may not be familiar with. Recipes ‘R’ Simple is truly a one stop shop for all your cooking adventures.

Watch Shana's Turkish Roasted Eggplant Dip video tutorial here:

Sarah Verhoeven

An Indonesian living in Singapore, Verhoeven shares with the Internet snippets of her daily life and many mouthwatering recipes of Indonesian dishes. While traditional Indonesian dishes form the backbone of her channel, she occasionally posts recipes of other interesting foods as well, such as pineapple tarts that melt in your mouth, and macaroons.

The snippets of her life that she shares with her viewers also add a touch of warmth and personality to her channel, which makes it a fun and comforting channel to subscribe to.

Watch her Sop Kambing Kuah Bening video tutorial here:

Lui is a food writer based in Singapore, but his reach definitely isn’t limited to within Singapore. Over time, Seth Lui has evolved from being a personal blog founded by Seth Lui into a brand name which is now a big name media publication in Singapore. Besides reviewing food, they also have a YouTube channel where they seek stall owners in Singapore and show the owners not just making their speciality dishes, but also connect with them to show their daily struggles in their lives cooking for a living, which makes the concept of dining out much more meaningful.

Watch his video on traditional kampung style Malay food here:

Adam Liaw

Liaw is the well-known host of the TV programme Destination Flavour, and has authored 6 Asian cooking recipe books. His channel specializes in mostly traditional East Asian cooking, so expect to see a lot of spicy food, and savoury umami flavours and many soupy foods.

Albeit most traditional recipes put out by him, Liaw’s channel has definitely kept up with the times as well, incorporating many modern recipes into his list of videos, such as the wildly popular Korean Fire Chicken with Blue Cheese, Oyakodon Onion and Chicken Bowl, and even the labour-intensive Hainanese Chicken Rice we all know and love.

Watch his Hainanese Chicken Rice video tutorial here:

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