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5 Wallets That Don’t Shed As Much As Your Crusty Card Holder

Updated: May 23, 2021

Whether you’re a wallet in the front pocket kind of guy or a wallet in the back pocket kind of guy, nobody can deny that a wallet is a silent companion that’s the most intimate accessory you carry around.

Your watch sits perched prettily on your wrist, your belt hugs your waist and nothing else, and your cap sits on your head, furthest from your heart. Who’s to say that there’s nothing more intimate than a wallet?

Your wallet accompanies you through the times your card gets declined at the cashier, the times you don’t have enough loose change to buy a drink at the vending machine, and pulls at your heartstrings just when you forget its existence and leave it in the cinema theater and forget to take it with you.

But the best relationships come to an end, whether it’s a falling out of the thread, death and moldiness of the leather or feelings for your once coveted wallet simply fading into thin air, and we then find a new partner to walk with us through our next stage of life.

Whether it’s to replace a fallen wallet or simply faded feelings, our team brings you the finest wallets and cardholders this season to tuck into your fancy pants.

Saint Laurent Leopard Print Cardholder

If you’re young, wild and dangerous, this cardholder is just the one for you. It has a classic black and brown colour scheme for a universally complementary accessory, but the leopard print helps you to stand out amongst the jungle as the alpha male.

This fun and classy cardholder sports a calf leather material which makes it wonderfully durable, and the leopard print signals to potential mates your naughty side.

Kenzo All-Over Logo-Print Wallet

Insurance agent couture! With the brand logo plastered all over this groovy wallet in a duo-chrome black and white colour palette, this wallet is the one for those who like their brand logos visible.

This wallet features an all-around zip that keeps all your coins and jangles in your wallet, whether it's an old photograph, or a key to a lock on Namsan Tower.

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Zip-Around Wallet

Another contender for the zip-around wallet, this wallet from Bottega Veneta is both pretty and has a pretty price tag. Its design features a classic black interwoven exterior, the signature Intrecciato design which is bound to catch the eye of everyone in the room.

This wallet features a larger than life size which fits more than your average wallet or cardholder, which perhaps gives you more bang for your buck since it could probably hold a pack of your cigarettes as well.

Jacquemus Le Porte Azur Strap Card Holder

Minibags for women are the hot in thing, now we have minibags for me too. Disguised as a crossbody minibag, this pretty piece by Jacquemus features a lovely olive green which is muted enough to match all your outfits, but adds a nice accent colour to your outfit of the day.

For a cardholder, this features a rather spacious interior that can fit more than a few credit cards and some air molecules, which makes it a nice substitute for a bag on a night out

TOM FORD Logo-lettering Bifold Wallet

This wallet is your classic men’s bifold wallet which is as ubiquitous as an oxygen molecule. The classic, black design embodies the saying, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, which makes it the ultimate go-to for all events and occasions.

The 100% leather composition also makes it extremely durable and hence makes this wallet a wonderful companion to walk the rest of your life with you.

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