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5 TikTok Cooking Video Accounts to follow

Are you tired of eating the same food and being unsure of what to cook? Do you think recipes can sometimes be too lengthy to follow? Worry no more because I've got you covered with TikTok accounts you should follow for you to be inspired in less than a minute!


You know how there's always someone in the comments section who'll say that the recipe is not authentic and the chef should make some amendments bla bla bla? Well, You don't really see such comments under his videos so Eitan is legit and totally worth the follow. He makes Indian food and you'll see hundreds of comments by Indians who approve his recipes. Guess what? He is just a 17 year old chef with a verified blue ticked TikTok account, an official website where he shares his recipes. So, you know for a fact you can expect far greater, high quality content from Eitan!!


"Super Easy, Super Simple and Yes, Its Delicious", the statement Balesky spits out every time indeed reflects her cooking. With close to 1 million followers, this home chef turns box cake mixes into decadent desserts. She brings the whole world to her dining table as she cooks Vietnamese pho, Chinese Dan Dan noodles, Indian Briyani. You'd wish she was your mother because boy........ You're never going to munch on basic instant food as it is because its always going to turn fancy!


When you hear "YESSSSSAAAAH", you'll know almost immediately that it's Joshuah! He is known for remaking fast food chain menu items. His popular videos include that of the McChicken, Mac and Cheese and McNuggets. Joshuah, are you giving out application forms for people who want to apply for the girlfriend position? Because it seems like you're in need of another girl-friend. Just kidding haha!


Who says healthy and flavoursome don't go together? Ahmad also known as THEGOLDENBALANCE is all about seasoning and spices!!! At each stage of cooking, he seasons and gives his food layers of flavour. He cooks amazing one pot meals for anyone whose exhausted or on a budget. Ahmad also has got to be one of the hottest and most good looking chefs on Tik Tok. Take a look yourself! ;)


I've got here a fellow Singaporean who is not only a TikToker, but a food videographer, a writer and a cook. His videos on TikTok are topnotch. I can never imagine myself shooting high quality videos and cooking up complex recipes all at the same time. Alderic makes it seem so effortless. So, if you're looking to cook Singaporean or Chinese food or anything (because he cooks everything you can ever dream about), you should totally give Alderic a follow!

Photos: Instagram & TikTok

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