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5 SS 2021 Trends To Take Note Of For Singapore’s Weather

Fresh off the New York Fashion Week runway in February 2021, here are some stylish trends you can adopt for our hot and humid weather. Step up your fashion game ad toss your 5-year-old Uniqlo crewneck T-shirts and ratty-tatty Adidas sneakers for the newest trends this fashion season.

In this article, look no further than our local entertainers and influencers to give you a bit of inspiration to get those fashion creative juices flowing.

  1. Cream

Photo from L'Officiel USA

This fashion season, think sweltering hot days and your frequent heavy downpours. That’s a strange combination to work around, no? For the blazing hot, golden days, a cream shirt is easy on the eyes and is easier to maintain. On colder days when it’s pouring outside your office, try a cream coloured pant or a cream jacket for a cleaner look.

For a casual day out, swap out that stained, white T-shirt for a neutral-toned cream T-shirt, or a pair of cream coloured jeans instead of your usual blue wash jeans for a more structured yet casual look.

The cream shade also offers you more dimension in your outfit when paired with the ubiquitous white sneakers everyone is wearing these days.

Check out Mediacorp actor Pierre Png sporting a cream denim jacket in his Instagram post:

2. Bermuda shorts - THE BIG EDITION

Photo from Vogue

Okay, okay. Bermuda shorts have the go-to for our tropical hot weather the whole time. But for SS2021, big brands like Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana have added their own twist to this article of clothing, making it BIG AND BOLD.

Bermuda shorts will likely be reserved for wear outside of the office and can be worn virtually anywhere. Working from home? Bermuda shorts. Grabbing brunch with your secondary school crush? Bermuda shorts. Meeting your future mother in law? Bermuda shorts to cut the tension in the air because hey, it’s causal, right?

We love Kevin Tristan in his muted white shorts. White the pant colour is a safe, neutral choice, the pant silhouette is bold and makes a statement. He adopts a more relaxed fit for his bottom wear, which makes his boxier pant silhouette seem more casual. Plus points for airy, relaxed pants because your thighs deserve to keep cool too.

Kevin's Instagram: @kevintristan

3. Floral Prints

Photo from Vogue

Step out of your comfort zone with floral print this SS 2021. Floral print may seem gaudy or tacky by itself, but paired with a black pant or your trusty fitted jeans, this trend off the runway is sure to land a butterfly on you.

For the office, try a floral button-up shirt to raise those eyebrows. Want a pay raise? Try a floral pant instead, your boss might appreciate it.

Outside the office, floral print to the beach seems like common sense.

But what about when you have to go to the movies or have a dinner date? For slightly more formal settings, try a monochromatic colour palette and stick to it. All black with white accents in your outfit is a safe bet and is easy to match as well.

Check out Wallace Ang in his monochromatic colour palette for this outfit, he plays it safe yet looks clean with his fitted white pant.

4. Pastel Shades

Photo from Vogue

Pastel is unquestionably one of the staples of SS fashion. Pastel colours never fail to make an appearance for spring and summer trends, so it’s no wonder that pastel shades would be here to stay for SS 2021.

Pastel may seem to be reserved for the fairer sex but when paired with darker, earthier colours, you get to remain in the safe embrace of your comfort zone.

Pastel blue may be a shade many might have in their wardrobe now, think your light blue office shirt. In the name of environmental sustainability, you can simply remodel the shirt by leaving a few buttons open and pairing it with bermuda shorts for a more casual, summer-appropriate look

For a style that’s more over-the-top, check out Maxi Lim’s all-pastel pink attire:

5. 1980s Inspired Suits

Probably reserved for more formal occasions, this trend pays homage to the structured double-breasted suits in the 80s.

While the long sleeve style of this trend may not be as suitable for running errands, it certainly is a darling for formal office wear. Instead of the collarless blazers we’ve grown accustomed to, try the 1980s inspired cut for a sharper, neater look.

For more casual settings like a dinner date, try a lighter colour palette like Edwin Goh, but perhaps in a different print for a simpler ensemble.

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