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5 South Korean Celebrities with Extremely Ripped Bodies

When Steve Harvey insinuated back in 2017 that Asian men weren’t hot, the internet retaliated by spamming hundreds of pictures of fine AF Asian blokes. Out of all the plethora of pictures, many of them consisted of famous South Korean celebrities who went from oppa to daddy simply from the removal of a shirt.

No one wants to date Asian men, he said? He’ll be eating up his words if he saw the bodies of these 5 South Korean celebrities!

1. Choi Si Won

Photo Credit: Channel-K

Originally starting out as a member of Super Junior – one of Kpop’s most legendary groups, Choi Si Won was known for his amazing ‘visuals’ and vocals that melted fangirls’ hearts everywhere. There’s one more thing aside from his talents that makes his fans excited, and that’s his perfect washboard-like abs.

Choi doesn’t seem to mind showing off his physique and has gone shirtless in various dramas such as She Was Pretty and Oh! My Lady. Honestly, we don’t blame anyone who can’t stop replaying the scenes.

2. Song Joong Ki

Photo Credit: Viu

Who doesn’t know this Korean heartthrob? Most popularly known for his role as an active duty soldier in Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong Ki surprised fans when he flashed his chiseled body – more than once – on screen. The actor shared that he worked out extremely hard for the drama, even getting help from fellow celebrity Kim Jong Kook who is popularly known for his muscular body as well.

While Song often jokes that his boyish face doesn’t match a buff body, his fans – and us alike – don’t seem to mind at all.

3. Jay Park

Photo Credit: Channel-K

Jay Park is never shy about his physique, and fans are often blessed with swole AF pictures of his body on Instagram. The rapper, dancer and songwriter also has numerous tattoos and an arm sleeve, giving off a sexy, bad-boy vibe.

4. Jimin

Photo Credit: Amino Apps

Jimin from world-famous Kpop group BTS is definitely the whole package. Besides having impressive vocals and killer dance moves, he also has a god-sent body that is enough to send fans everywhere screaming. He’s not one to keep his body to himself though, and has shown off his abs multiple times on stage. A quick search on Google will show you hundreds of shirtless photos of Jimin from every possible angle.

You’re welcome.

5. Baekho

Photo Credit: Kpopmap

Baekho from Nu’est became the talk of town in January 2020 when he graced the cover of Men’s Health Magazine – shirtless. It was indeed a feast for the eyes, prompting fans and fellow Kpop idols to praise his perfect body. Also, can we just appreciate that chest tattoo?

We definitely have to commend Baekho for being able to achieve such a great physique, and god knows how hard he must’ve worked out! #bodygoals

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