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5 Singaporean Rappers to follow in 2020

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Photos: Instagram

Rap music has revolutionised from an underground American culture to an international way of communication. You've heard of Travis Scott, Drake, Lil Wayne and many more who dominate the hip hop industry. Have you heard of Singaporean rappers? Very sure you're familiar with Akeem Jahat and Fariz Jabba. If you're still thinking that our local rappers are incapable of stepping up their game, you are WRONG.

Here, I share with you five underrated rappers who will get you grooving in literally seconds! :P


It's only been about two years since Iffat, aka BIGDBANGLA started rapping but he has already made his name as the first Bengali rapper in Singapore.

The unveil of his bilingual rap song marked the beginning of his legacy of representing the small community in Singapore. Bengali Sauce, which was released in mid 2019 challenges the boundaries of the orthodox Bengali culture and till date has amassed over 300 thousand streams on Spotify in a span of six months. *applauds*

Time for the Bengali community to rise, and Iffat's doing just that, don't you think?! Be sure to follow him on Instagram because he occasionally posts free-style rap videos which you will love one hundred percent! ;)


Introducing, Shazuan aka ABANGSAPAU, a promising rapper and the person who made sarong popular once again!

Ever since he witnessed Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja on stage at the 2018 Shine Festival, he swiftly made his way up the top with four tracks of distinct and compelling vibes. His most popular single Buat Ape? , which questions ego and the purpose of chasing numbers and fame has opened doors to endless opportunities, eventually leading him to performing for over 6000 spectators at the Let's Celebrate 2020 pre-show.

Don't forget to lurk on his Instagram! He just uploaded an unofficial song On Suicide: No More Sirens.

Fun fact: The SlideOut 2.0, a hip-hop event which brought together artistes was organised by the man himself. All hail the King! :D


Han Teng's (aka TENGYBOY) fascination of rappers like Eminem, Kanye is still vibrant in his memories as he now makes his own music.

The rapper participates in backline and frontline roles in the creative industry as both a song composer and graphic designer.

Han Teng has written songs with Jon Chua from The Sam Willows, Flannel Albert from Los Angelas, Axel Brizzy and more.

He's got only two songs, but you know the saying, "Quality over quantity". His latest release,Oceans is the perfect love song and is sure to be in your playlist.

Also, FYI, the rapper is good friends with @ABANGSAPAU so from time to time there will be exclusive content posted on Instagram. ;)


Rusyaidi Rashid who goes by the name AHMADJOHNSON69 on Instagram has been uploading song covers since ten years old.

Rusyaidi's transition from the 12 year old boy singing love songs to the 17 year old rapping lyrics like "I just wanna make it so that mama can stay at home and I’ll provide" is nostalgic, almost like how Justin Bieber transformed his image and music over the years. Sorry Beliebers! :P

The rapper has performed at Flashbang Singapore in October 2019, sharing the same stage with Kidd Santhe and MK K clique. His most popular song which he released alongside another rapper is Terminal . With just 30k streams, I'm warning you, do not be swayed by the small numbers!!! Terminal will be on replay mode in no time ;)


It felt almost impossible to be recognised as a young rapper from the little red dot, on the Internet. That however, did not stop SHEIKHBANAFE from posting free-style rap videos and remixes.

Sheikh's most popular Instagram video, where he raps about Islamophobia and police brutality in America has garnered over 2 million views.

That is a massive amount of love! :o Tell me, what's more inspiring than a 17 year old who raps about real world issues that are barely spoken about in mainstream news? Go check out his single Bless Up. It's got a pretty sick beat minus all the verses about making 6 figures and girls. Promise you'll love him! ;)

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