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5 Singaporean Bodybuilders with Buff Bods

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Bodybuilding is a glamorous sport which takes a lot of hard work, discipline and dedication to look good. If you’ve ever witnessed a bodybuilding competition, it often features a bunch of ripped guys with bulging biceps and protruding veins, and one can’t help but wonder how much effort it took to achieve that bod!

In this article we’ve rounded up 5 bodybuilders you should get familiar with – all of whom are from our little red dot.

1. Kelvin Lim – the unexpected bodybuilder

Photo Credit: Kelvin Lim

Five years ago, no one would have expected Kelvin Lim to become a body builder. After suffering two ruptured blood vessels in his right brain and surviving an incredibly dangerous emergency surgery, Kelvin was left wheelchair-bound due to complications and mobility issues.

However, Kelvin did not let this stop his road to recovery. After three years working on physical rehabilitation, he slowly regained his regular movement abilities and started working out to lose weight. With the help of a personal trainer, he’s now lost 20kg and looks incredible. Kelvin is living proof that nothing can stop you on the road to fitness!

2. Chan Wai Teik – the all-rounder bodybuilder

Photo Credit: Magzter

Chan Wai Teik is a competitive bodybuilder, award-winning fashion photographer and businessman who’s also cameoed on Asia’s Next Top Model and SuperModelMe. Oh, and did we mention he was also Mr Singapore 2009?

For those of us who need some motivation to get in shape, Chan offers exercise hacks on his personal training business @waiteikfitness for fitness noobs and fitness pros who hope to look as good as him one day.

3. Kevin Chiak – the ‘old but strong’ bodybuilder

Photo Credit: Fitness Movement Gym

Mr Senior Manhunt 1996/97, National Bodybuilding Champion and Singapore Sports Idol 2007 are just some of the titles that Kevin Chiak has under his belt. He also snagged the Mr Singapore title in 2010 at the age of 44, making him the oldest person to ever win this title. To Kelvin, bodybuilding wasn’t just a sport, but also a way of expressing himself as an individual.

With his impressive credentials and recognition in bodybuilding, the 54-year old is now the founder of his own company, K-Champs Health & Fitness Academy.

4. Luke Tan – the vegan bodybuilder

Photo Credit: PlantBuilt

Who said vegans can’t be bodybuilders? Athlete Luke Tan has competed as a vegan in natural bodybuilding competitions in Australia and in the United States. Apparently, he turned vegan overnight after watching a documentary on animal cruelty and went on to form Evolved Generation – a brand based in Australia comprising of plant-based athletes and health professionals. Now, Luke is based in Singapore and continues to promote plant-based health, fitness and athleticism.

5. Adrian Tan – the 5-time Singapore National Bodybuilding Championship winner

Photo Credit: Greatest Physiques

Adrian Tan is definitely a familiar face in the bodybuilding scene, having won the Mr Singapore title twice as well as the Singapore National Bodybuilding Championship 5 times. As if that’s not impressive enough, he’s even won 10 international competitions and was the face for several high-profile international brands.

What’s his secret to a great body, you ask? According to Adrian, you need to be consistent with your nutrition and sleeping patterns to yield the best results!

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